Thursday, October 21, 2010

HNT - Redundant

Well I know I posted a shot like this in the past, but this is one that I took last week. With being sick over the last 24 hours I did not feel like taking a picture last night.
Of course this one is a little more revealing then the one I posted earlier and it is a new shot, but maybe a little more of the same. I have a great idea for a shot that I wanted to do last night but it may have to wait until I feel a little better.

Anyway, happy HNT!


Wednesday, October 20, 2010

A Bit Under the Weather

Just when I thought things were getting back to normal and I was going to be able to post on a daily basis I get sick. It is pretty much the way things happen. Of course I believe that it was probably the stress over the last few weeks that helped fuel the illness, but today I feel a bit better but still under the weather.

This weekend was great though. We had a busy one, a high profile breakfast with some dignitaries. A work party that was lots of fun and we met some great people, and to top it all off we bought a car.

I know most of you do not know my back story but because of some financial issues we only had my truck and the motorcycle between my wife and I. Living in the south we made it work because the winter does not get that cold, but after the fiasco with my motorcycle and realizing that the truck was getting older, we decided to take the insurance money and buy a car.

We only went to look but like always Saturday night ended with us driving off the lot in a new (used) car. We are very happy and a lot less stressed about trying to figure out how to make one car work in our family.

It will make so many things that much easier, but will still be a little bit of a financial strain. We will make it work though, I have no doubts, but like everything it will be an adjustment. My wife told me when we were negotiating with the salesman about price that I looked as if I was going to pass out.

This is the first major purchase we have made since all of our financial problems happened a year ago, so I was very cautious and a little sick. But in the end I think we made the right choice.

Hopefully I will be feeling better in the next day or so or you may see my stuffed up red nose and chapped lips in the next HNT post.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Still losing weight. I am happy where I am now and finally had a chance to check my body fat. Right now it is at 14 percent, so I know I can get it lower. But how low do I really want to go. I was 12 when I was playing sports in college, so maybe a few more percent.

I have to run the half marathon in January so my goal is to keep running until then and then gain back muscle mass... we shall see what happens.

Happy HNT!


A sense of Normalcy

The past two weeks have been a blur.

Work always is a little rough at the fiscal year end but this year was a bit strange because we were in the process of essentially changing companies. In addition we were also trying to renegotiate our contract with the current company and running into road blocks with the new company so needless to say I had a lot going on.

While waiting for the negotiations to finally end we had some time to do some necessary training, and that is what led to my earlier post about my motorcycle being run over and things being a little crazy. Feeling stressed I also overreacted when my wife left the hose on in the front yard and thought we had a water leak... of course I did not really know until I dug up the yard a bit, destroying some of the shrubbery in the process.

I still have yet to hear on my motorcycle, but I know it will work out in some way, so I am not too concerned with it. And I am finally back to work in my normal situation with my normal routine. I don't mind the changes from time to time but it does make things a bit more stressful. I have not had a chance to relax in more than two weeks and now finally things are back to where they were last month.

I know I promised you all some great posts and I have them ready to go... and I also promised you some great pictures, which again I have them ready to go... but I will post them over the course of the next few days to give everyone and myself time to catch up. Its been a week since I have read what you all have been doing in your lives, so I need to do that as well.

Things are still crazy at work, only because now I am playing catch up. But if they did not really miss me last week, they can wait a few more days for the work that I need to complete this week.

I am just happy to be finally getting back to normal.

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

No HNT post this week...

As the title says... I am way to busy this week to do anything other then post this message. I am planning on writing and publishing several posts over this weekend so I may post a HN shot at some point, just not tomorrow.

I know I will disappoint some of you but I promise to make it up to everyone with a spectacular HN picture over the weekend.

Also you may have noticed a drop in posts, it is only because I have been in training for the past week and have not had a chance to even do so much as check my email every night. I have had about an hour of computer time in the last few days.

Again I promise to make it all up to you over the next few days.

A HN shot, a sexy story, and some stories about my life.

I promise...

Monday, October 4, 2010

To Start a Great Week

Today I started a class that I needed to take for my job. We have been trying to get this class for the past few years and the company has not found the time to let us take it because the job that I am working has not specifically required it, but it would be much better if we had it.

So we had the perfect time, between contracts, where we could get the training in. I found a local class so there would be no traveling, and was excited to take it. I figured on leaving early, getting to the campus to find a good parking space since I was riding my motorcycle and finding the building.

Everything was going well, until campus security showed up about half way through the day to tell me that someone had ran into my bike and it was now lying on its side in the parking lot where it leaked all the fluids from the engine.

They actually tracked me down through my license plate and witnesses saw the person that did it so I went out to talk to them. Of course the person was claiming their girlfriend was driving the car, and they could not remember their last name, which seems to be a bullshit story. But they did admit it was definitely their car that hit my bike, so I do not think that will matter much.

Since my bike is my only means of transportation for the most part. I do have a truck but my wife drives it. I have to rely on other people to drive me around until they can get me a rental car on the other drivers policy, which hopefully will be tomorrow.

Needless to say, while the class and the situation surrounding the class is good, the day was not a great one for me.

Hope everyone had a better day then I did.