Friday, October 19, 2012

Complexities of Life

Last night I saw a picture of a friend on Facebook that reminded me of simpler times.

The picture was of my friend tying a fly onto his fishing rod leaning against the back of a pickup truck. The river and mountains of Montana were in the background.

I thought about my life and what has occurred since I was standing there doing the same thing 10 years ago.

Of course much of the change was brought on by the birth of my daughter, and that does change quite a bit. 

There were times that we used to go up into the mountains and camp out over the weekend. Leaving most of the complexities of life back in our suburban house.

We would bring the dogs and the fly rod and sit and watch the fire, telling stories about other times that we had doing the same thing. Even after my daughter was born we would bring the travel play yard and she would sleep in the folding crib inside the tent.

The days would be spent walking around the woods or fishing the river or just hanging by the tents.

When we moved to the south things changed quite a bit. I do not regret my decision for moving there but I look back and realize that it was not me.

I made a home for myself there but not without a lot of sacrifices. 

All that has changed now that we live back in the mountains.

Life is still complex, but we can now unwind in the mountains. I am home again. I smile all the time now when I look up and see the peaks around me. 

At some point we will get back to enjoying their splendor from a campsite. We may have missed the opportunity this year, but this is now our home and will hopefully remain that way for a long time.

A Long September

A few weeks ago I opened up an email from a friend of mine and it quite simply read,

"How ya been? September Sucked."

Of course I was intrigued by this email and wanted to make sure that she was alright, but I was also confronted with the fact that what she had said was completely true in my life too.

Had we both been subjected to so much crap that we deemed the entire month terrible. 

Lets see, on my end, my wife started a new job that basically pushed her paycheck back by six weeks. Which financially we were already strapped for cash since she quit her last job back in July and spent most of August looking for work.

Then the car trouble started. They were minor issues but when you have absolutely no spare cash they quickly become major.

It was around that time that my wife's grandfather had started to become ill, at 90 becoming ill is probably not going to end well and we all knew the inevitable.

What ended up happening was and is still a mystery to us all. Apparently while in the rehabilitation facility he decided to get out of bed, something he was not supposed to be doing. He ended up falling down and broke his neck.

Of course the strain on his body and spine was too much for him and he later died from his injuries.

While all this was happening the person that was supposed to be buying our house withdrew their offer because they did not like the inspection. We disclosed everything up front, but apparently they decided it was too much to worry about.

So I concur with my friends assessment of September. It most definitely sucked.

It seems that my friend's September was very much the same as mine. I finally did find out the reason for her email and it mirrored much of my own issues, minus the car stuff.

Well so far October has been a little better, and is looking up the later half.

And Halloween is one of my favorite holidays so I am really looking forward to that.

We shall see how it all turns out.

Thursday, October 18, 2012

Thats Not Appropriate

So my daughter wanted some help with her homework, and I being the only one home was a willing volunteer.

She had to pick out a current event from the newspaper and write about it. She needed a story with the basics, who or what, where, when and how. The article she originally picked was about how one of the victims of the Colorado theater shooting felt about guns. I thought it would be a good article but she said it did not really have all the basics.

At that point we went online to look at some other articles. Now I have been a journalist for a period of my life, hard news mostly and some freelance sports writing so immediately I thought, "why not write about the people that were killed in a bar the other night." Mind you, my daughter is in the fifth grade and I was not thinking about it at the time.

"Dad," she said. "Do you really think that is appropriate for the fifth grade."

Hmm... a story about a robbery gone wrong, 5 murders in a seedy bar and the criminals trying to burn the bodies to cover up the original crime. Well it has all the basics, the who, the where, the when and the how... of course I could just see the face of the teacher as my daughter handed in her current event.

What the hell was I thinking...

I guess I got caught up in the hard news angle.

Well we decided it was much more appropriate to talk about a seasonal road closure in the Rocky Mountains. At 10 murder is not something that you should be talking about in school.

Second bit of Fiction

“Don’t turn on the light,” she cried out as I walked into the room and put my hand on the switch.

My eyes slowly adjusted to the dark as I could see a flicker of a candle near the bed. I just got off of working a late night and wanted to change into something more comfortable, but she had other ideas for me.

“Where are the kids?” I asked.

“With a friend, yes, we are all alone,” she spoke softly now.

I caught a glimpse of her body in the glow of the candlelight but my eyes still could not adjust to the dark. I heard the creak of the bed as she moved to grab my hand and guide me to the edge of the bed.

Her hands were at my belt as they unhooked the buckle and opened my pants dropping them to the floor. I was already aroused although not fully erect. She pulled my cock free from my shorts and ran her lips along the head. I groaned and arched my back a little, my senses were so attuned in the darkness I could almost hear her smile.

Wrapping her mouth around my cock, she slid it fully into her and in one motion back out again. Teasingly she put her tongue along the base of my now fully erect cock and ran it up and around the head. She again swallowed it and I could feel it deep in her throat. She had never deep throated me before and it felt fantastic.

I could feel her mouth withdraw again and she pulled me closer until my knees were on the bed. I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off, throwing it on the floor.

“Lay down,” she spoke softly. I of course obliged not wanting this moment to end. She pulled my pants and shorts completely off as I could feel her body gently move up mine. I could feel her breath at my ear now and feel her hands on my arms. With one quick motion she slid the restraints over my right hand and pulled tightly. Before I could protest she was tightening down the left one as well.

Feeling the rope around my ankle now, I realized I was in for more than I expected. She tied both ankles to the bed leaving me naked and spread eagled. The candle flickered as if a door or window had opened and I realized she was gone.

Faintly I could hear voices outside the bedroom, but could not tell what was being said or even if it was from the television in the next room, then she entered again.

“What is going on?” I called out to her. Her only reply was a slow “Shhh.”

Then I felt the bed move slightly as the weight of her body settled on the edge one leg at a time. Her body was moving over mine but all I could make out were shadows and then I felt her weight on top of me. Feeling her hair on my face I could make out a faint smell of something I did not recognize. As her body slid down mine she bent in to kiss me. There was something about her lips that felt strange, as my mind started wandering I felt her pussy touch the head of my cock.

I tried to pull the restraints so that I did not have to prolong this agony but they were tighter than I expected.

Then I felt the tip enter her wet slit and we both let out a moan in unison.

She rocked her hips back on my pelvis pulling me deeper inside her as she began to fuck me. The pace quickened as did her breathing and I so ever wanted to touch her breasts.

I could barely make out her shape as she rocked rhythmically on my body. Our shadows danced on the walls from the flickering flame. Her hands were pushing down on my chest as she leveraged herself for deeper, harder penetration.

I arched up to meet her downward thrusts feeling her body tense with each connection. I closed my eyes and held my breath for a brief moment as my body climaxed in an intense orgasmic convulsion. She continued to thrust and let out a moan, her body collapsing on mine in sheer exhaustion.

We stayed that way for a few minutes, her on top of me breathing heavy, my semi-erect cock still inside her. I wanted to put my arms around her but the restraints were still in place. She slowly got up off of me and whispered in my ear, “thank you.”

My mind again wondering, wondering why she was thanking me. Then I could see a brief light from the hallway and she was gone again.

I closed my eyes and listened to the darkness until I finally felt a hand on my ankle loosening the restraints. She untied me and walked back out into the hallway.

I cleaned myself up put my pants back on and went out to tell her how much I loved her. When I entered the kitchen she was seated at the table with, to my surprise, her recently divorced sister who had a big smile on her face.

Feeling my face flush it took me less than a second to realize that my wife had used me to satisfy her sister’s desire, and I loved every minute of it.

Friday, October 5, 2012

A Little Bit of Fiction

So until this time I have posted factual stories on this blog, but having a bit of a dry spell with both real life and writing I decided to post some stories that I had submitted to possibly be included in a book of short erotica stories but did not get selected...

So here goes, hope you like it.

Whack, the force of the strike made Jeff cringe. The restraints held as he fell back on them awaiting the next blow. He could feel the wind move slightly as the next crack was felt on his backside.

That one hurt, he thought, much more than was expected. But the prearranged agreement was that anything goes until the word was spoken. He was not going to let her break him and she knew that, but she also knew where the line was ultimately drawn.

The gasps from the crowd were barely heard with the ringing in his ears. She was going to put her mark on him this time, much to his pleasure as his pain.

The leather clad Elise smiled as she swung the paddle once again. Hanging from the cross Jeff could only drop his head and whimper. She loved a man that whimpered but still held up to her punishment.

One more whack from the paddle and she decide he was done being punished in this way and released him from the restraints, as he stumbled away from the center of the room.

It would be a long time for him to be able to sit properly again so she commanded him to get on all fours, to which he complied entirely. Elise motioned to one of the other girls in the corner of the room to take care of him and she obliged because she too was a slave to Elise.

The girl, naked accept for her fishnet stockings, got on her back underneath Jeff and put his cock in her mouth. She sucked enthusiastically, trying desperately to please her mistress. The crowd just watched and wondered how long Jeff would last.

Mixing pain and pleasure was something that Jeff had only started to experience, and the feelings were fantastic. Like many men who were dominant in their normal lives, he was completely submissive when it came to sex.
Completely exhausted he could barely raise his head, although the feeling of having his cocked sucked in this way made him forget about the beating he just took on the cross. Nearly spent he mustered enough energy to push into her mouth meeting her every move.

“Do not come for me yet,” he heard Elise say behind him. “I am not finished with you.”

It was then that he felt the cool lube against his ass and realized that he was about to be anally penetrated. She placed the tip of the strap-on against his asshole and pushed ever so gently into him. The pain once again returned, despite the desire to be pegged for months now this was his first time.

He tried to concentrate on the girl with his cock in her mouth but the pain kept returning to his mind. Elise pushed harder and he could feel her thighs against his bruised ass and realized she was fully inside him now.

The pain was slowly going away and an incredible feeling was starting to take over. His cock was harder than he had ever remembered and as she began to thrust into him he was overwhelmed with ecstasy.

Elise grabbed his hips and pushed harder as the other girl sucked him deep, he was now in a place he never knew existed.

“You like it when I fuck your ass slave,” Elise asked.

“Yes mistress,” Jeff replied. “Fuck me harder, please mistress.”

Jeff’s body shuddered as she thrust into him.

“Do not come for me yet.” She commanded yet again.

Jeff tried so hard to not release into the girl’s mouth. He knew if he did so it would mean more punishment and he would wait even longer the next time.

He felt Elise pull the fake cock from his ass and was left wanting so much more. Despite his first time after the initial pain it actually felt incredible.

He tried to look around the room, but he was so tired from the entire ordeal he could barely see what was going on and then he felt the pressure on his ass once again, although this time it felt different. More lube was being applied and he could feel something push into him again. Jeff tensed up this one was a lot bigger than the first.

It was then that he heard the male voice from behind him, “just relax” the voice said.

The pain was back but less than before. He was stretched from the initial fucking and while he had never been with a man before he felt his body relax and he allowed himself to succumb to the pleasure.

A few seconds passed, Jeff could feel the man fully inside of him now and slowly withdrawing his cock from his ass. The lube helped as the man quickly picked up the pace and really started fucking his ass.

The girl was still sucking on his cock as Jeff realized he was about to come.

“You now have my permission to release,” he heard Elise say. And no sooner did he hear those words did his body begin to convulse as he release into her mouth.

The man kept pushing harder and harder into him until he heard the man moan and felt the spasm of the man’s cock in his ass.

The man pulled his cock free from Jeff’s ass, and he heard Elise’s voice tell the girl to clean him up.

She moved from beneath him and Jeff felt her tongue on his ass as she licked up all the fluids that were no leaking from inside him.

Jeff asked his mistress if he was done, and she replied that he was as he collapsed in a heap on the floor.

He could hear the murmur and applause from the crowd as he closed his eyes engrossed in the euphoria of the entire situation.