Thursday, December 20, 2012

A Red Hot Penis

One thing I learned over the last few days... Never masturbate after making roasted jalapeno peppers.

A few nights ago I decided to make some roasted peppers. I was careful when I made them and made sure that I washed my hands after to get the oil off. Although for some reason I still had some on my hands, even after I washed them off. I was aware of it right when I went to bed, having just touched my eye and felt the heat from the pepper. So I washed again.

 The next morning I was feeling that I needed a little release. It has been a little while since I had sex with my wife, what with all the sickness we have had going around the place. It was also a few days since I gave myself the release that I needed.

 With my wife already off to work and the place quiet and dark I started to masturbate. Within a few minutes I had my orgasm and proceeded to get up and go to wash in the bathroom. Well as soon I as I started to clean myself up I felt the pain. It was not just the simple pain from touching my penis but since I touched the head, the oil and pre-come mixed and the pain was now inside.

I quickly turned on the shower and jumped in only to be met with the most intense pain on the tip of my penis, so much that it made me jump back and almost scream out loud. Grabbing the bottle of soap I thought I could just wash it away but even trying to touch the head was unbearable.

I knew mixing it with water would just spread the pain around but I was not really sure what I could do, and I thought that the more water I poured on it the faster it would feel better. For almost ten minutes in the shower it burned, and finally when it started to go away I was able to wash myself again.

The pain continued even after I toweled off but eventually it felt better. It was not until I peed again around 10 am that the pain was finally gone. To say that was the most intense masturbation session I ever had was definitely and understatement.

Friday, December 14, 2012

Unplanned Absense

I know, I know, I have said it before and you are right I should be consistent with my entries, but this was unplanned. It is not like I do not have anything to write, but as life would have other options for me, I never had a chance.

Lets see, The week of Thanksgiving my wife became incredibly ill, probably the flu, combined with a sinus infection. The antibiotics they gave her did not work, then the ones that replaced the first ones made her sicker and finally a week later she received the right medicine and finally started feeling better.

Only staying in bed for a week and then trying to go back to work, she threw out her back on the first day of starting a new job. So again I was taking care of her. Well that next weekend came and I became ill. Thankfully I was not too bad and just had a minor cold. And finally the next Tuesday, my daughter started complaining that her head and stomach hurt. 103.5 degrees later, she had a full blown illness and with my wife starting a new job I was the one that stayed home and took care of her.

More than a full week went by before things were back to normal as far as illness goes, and now having missed the week of thanksgiving for vacation, several days the week after and then another few days the week after that I am swamped at work. Just posting this is taking away from several hours of work that I should probably be doing, but needed to take a break from the data processing for a while.

I never thought I would be back processing data, but at this job we all do pretty much everything. We are a small department in a bigger company and have to fend for ourselves most of the time. That being said, I think I finally see the end of the tunnel. Well at least until the holidays.

January is a whole different story. I may be traveling for the better part of the month and it will kick right off into our next busy season. The guy whose work I took over when he left to travel China said that normally December and January are down times, well I guess not so much this year. Oh well.

At least I am working and Christmas is almost here.