Thinking - A New Path

Since I started this as more of a personal blog to discuss my sexuality and other issues related I have begun to think about the purpose of my writing on this blog.

In the past few weeks and months I have strayed from the original theme and have discussed more of my personal issues and problems which is okay for a few posts here and there but would rather keep Blue Eyed Bader as a blog about sexuality instead of a personal blog that I use to vent from time to time.

Therefore I am thinking of starting a new blog, still anonymous but more of a blog about mental health awareness and the issues I have dealt with in the past. Keep most of my personal problems with mental health on the other blog and focus exclusively on sexuality on this blog.

I would also be using the other blog as a format to help other readers with their issues either dealing with mental health themselves or dealing with a partner with mental health issues.

Hopefully people can use the blog as more of a self help type blog and can actually open it and read it at work or other areas, and that way they will not stumble upon my bare ass in any of the pages. Of course they can always come over to this blog when they want to see that.

Additionally I think that if I do that I can spend more time writing fun things on this blog and keep the more serious issues on the other blog and that way I can post more pictures of me and stories of sexual escapades here.

What say you:? I think it would be nice to do that, of course I would be catering to a slightly different audience then the one here and don't expect you all to be active participants in the other blog, but that way my audience here would not have to read numerous posts about my personal issues and keep this a more fun interactive blog about sex.

Happy Thursday to all, I think I need to keep posting those HNT pictures, maybe this evening. I know I promised last week but things got a little off track.


  1. Personally I think you should morph this blog any way you want to. I have several blogs and it just gets confusing and tedious to tend to them all. Over time you may possibly lose readers who want to read more about sex but your true followers will enjoy whatever you write. Either way, you have my support.


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