About Me

For some unknown reason I always find that the most difficult thing that I write about is myself. I never know how I want to describe myself or what to actually say that has any sort of meaning, so I will just tell my story.

Been married for a little over ten years with one child. Most of the times I sleep in the other bedroom while my wife sleeps with our child in ours. We have had sex once in the past year and I spend most of my time perusing the internet for something to catch my interest. Recently I have been reading all these different blogs about people that live a fairly sexually adventurous lifestyle and I envy those bloggers. I have also discovered people in the same situation that I am in or at least similar ones.

My wife suffers from depression, and while I am supportive and loving, I do find myself craving more. I hope that she is able to overcome her depression and live a much better life and we will find the true happiness we once felt but somedays it gets overwhelming and that is when I turn to the internet to find an escape.

So now you know about my situation, I will try to describe myself. I am a northerner that lives in the south, although I did not come down here from the north but by way of the west. I have a lot of friends here but none that I would call good friends. My way of coping with much of my life issues is that I work out and play sports, and spend time with my child.

To describe what I look like, well most people remember my eyes and that is where my blogger title comes from... I am also tall and fit but dont want to go into too much detail yet.

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