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I missed it again...

Well not technically but its almost the end of the evening and I did not get a chance to post another HNT picture. I am pretty much on vacation but I thought I would be able to catch up on my posting and other things. So far its been a little slow. We some how picked up three stray dogs in the past two days and now we are trying to figure out what to do with them. The first one is a stray that seems to have been abused, it will not even come near me. The other two are maybe five weeks old, and of course as cute as can be. The only problem is that we really do not have the money to add three more dogs to our family since we already have two and one has addison's disease which requires daily medications and a monthly shot which gets quite expensive. I will fill you in on the happenings with the dogs later, and maybe I will have time to do a HNT picture.

Tougher Issues

Recently I was moving some old emails around and I came across one from a very good friend. I read the email again and one thing struck me with an incredible sadness. It was a statement that he made because he was dealing with what he thought at the time was Bell's Palsy. The statement was: "but whatever, it reminds you that other people deal with much tougher issues than this." What makes this statement so profound and filled with sadness is that he died three months later of a brain tumor. The tumor was obviously to blame for the paralysis in his face, but he was not aware until a few months later. When he was finally diagnosed with a stage IV tumor it was already too late and he died less than a month later. I have every bit of confidence when I say had he known what he was actually facing when he sent the email he would have still made that statement. He was that type of person. Even in the midst of his hospital stay he still had his humility and his sense of