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I pause briefly, breathing in her scent. There is nothing more intoxicating than the scent of a beautiful girl that has just walked by. With or without perfume there is something about the scent. In most cases I would rather her not to wear perfume and it just be the smell of her body that I breath in. The senses are a wonderful thing. As I walk past her my senses fill my soul. First the sight as I see her coming, then the sound as I hear her walking then the smell as she just passes and I fill my nostrils with the air that she moves. The only thing left is the touch, but that is what makes it even more appealing. I know that I can not touch these women so I try to heighten my other senses to appease my desire to touch. The encounter is always so brief and the mystery of the woman adds to the desire. I never turn around to look she leaves as quickly as she enters but her scent remains for a second longer as I inhale deeply. Her scent is intoxicating as I breath it in.

Fantasy or Reality

While traveling on the road I seem to wonder about fulfilling some of my sexual fantasies... however I never seem to go through with any of them. What are my fantasies you might ask, well here are a few. I want to be a submissive. Someone that the woman takes total control over and has her way with me... I want her to take me in the ass with a strap on. I want to be commanded to do things and abused. She would force me to take my clothes off, and stand naked in front of her. Then she would tie my hands behind my back and push me down to her feet. I would lick her feet and up her legs and under her skirt where she would have no panties. She would force my head between her legs and make me lick her pussy. After that she would put on a strap on and make me suck her. I would not be allowed to fuck her. She would then force my head down to the ground and ass in the air. She would reach behind me with a lubed up finger and insert it into my ass. After I was good and lubed she would com

A Month Away

We knew it was coming. A month away for work, less than a week after moving in the new apartment. She told me she was going to bed and I was planning to take a shower. When I looked out of the curtain and saw her put in her mouth guard I thought there was no sex planned for the night before I depart. When I climbed into bed she had her back to me, but I still came over and put my arm around her. I spoke quietly to her, apologizing for being so stressed. She said it was okay but I did not want to leave her like that. I began my usual caressing. She does not like me to caress her belly, she thinks it is too fat. I told her that I loved her. My hands moved up and down her stomach and to her back, slowly, gently touching her. She turned back towards me and I told her that her skin was so soft. She turned and kissed me. I placed my hand on her breast circling her nipple. She let out a low moan. My hands moved up and down her body edging closer to her pussy. When my hand touched her l

Been on the Road.

So I know some of you may be wondering where I have been off to.. or at least I hope that some of you wonder. These past few months have been a blur to me. Things have been great but busy. Busy with a move of sorts. I finally left my life in the south and have moved back to the mountains. I am happy. The mountains are where I belong and where my family will be happiest. Changes are good. We started a new chapter. A new story, a new life. I cant wait to share all the experiences I will hopefully be having this time around.