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A Red Hot Penis

One thing I learned over the last few days... Never masturbate after making roasted jalapeno peppers. A few nights ago I decided to make some roasted peppers. I was careful when I made them and made sure that I washed my hands after to get the oil off. Although for some reason I still had some on my hands, even after I washed them off. I was aware of it right when I went to bed, having just touched my eye and felt the heat from the pepper. So I washed again.  The next morning I was feeling that I needed a little release. It has been a little while since I had sex with my wife, what with all the sickness we have had going around the place. It was also a few days since I gave myself the release that I needed.  With my wife already off to work and the place quiet and dark I started to masturbate. Within a few minutes I had my orgasm and proceeded to get up and go to wash in the bathroom. Well as soon I as I started to clean myself up I felt the pain. It was not just the simple

Unplanned Absense

I know, I know, I have said it before and you are right I should be consistent with my entries, but this was unplanned. It is not like I do not have anything to write, but as life would have other options for me, I never had a chance. Lets see, The week of Thanksgiving my wife became incredibly ill, probably the flu, combined with a sinus infection. The antibiotics they gave her did not work, then the ones that replaced the first ones made her sicker and finally a week later she received the right medicine and finally started feeling better. Only staying in bed for a week and then trying to go back to work, she threw out her back on the first day of starting a new job. So again I was taking care of her. Well that next weekend came and I became ill. Thankfully I was not too bad and just had a minor cold. And finally the next Tuesday, my daughter started complaining that her head and stomach hurt. 103.5 degrees later, she had a full blown illness and with my wife starting a new