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She stepped into the shower letting the warm water cascade over her skin. Grabbing the sponge she lathered up her breasts and let out a sigh as the material touched her nipples. Her fingers traced their way around the nipple as she thought back to the night before. When she was traveling for business she always played a bit, those were the rules that her husband made for her. It was the reason their relationship was always so sexual. She would return and tell him every last detail as he slid inside her. Spreading her legs a little she watched as the water made its way to her engorged sex, warming the folds of her vagina. She used the sponge to soap up her pussy, cleaning the stickiness of last night's tryst. Last night was amazing she thought. Her mind wandered back to the unsuspecting guy at the bar. He was sitting at the end nursing a Jameson's, rotating the glass in a circle before taking a sip. She walked through the door as all eyes turned towards her and the

South To Drop Off!

Dropping my daughter off at school is probably one of the most stressful parts of my day. In fact it was so stressful at first that I now try to get her to school before the rush of parents. The sad thing is that there are simple rules to follow. The drive through the parking lot is one direction. There are more than enough spaces to pull in drop off and let your kids out. The exit is right turn only. There is a round-about maybe 100 yards down that will give you the opportunity to go the other direction. And lastly, the main parking lot is for buses and teachers, not parents. The rest is common courtesy. But every morning I get frustrated with someone that thinks they are above the rules. Especially if it is before the crossing guards get there. This morning a guy was going the wrong direction through the parking lot and after almost hitting me since he was not looking, gave me a look that I was supposed to watch out for him. I was stopped dead in the lane as he tried to