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Complexities of Life

Last night I saw a picture of a friend on Facebook that reminded me of simpler times. The picture was of my friend tying a fly onto his fishing rod leaning against the back of a pickup truck. The river and mountains of Montana were in the background. I thought about my life and what has occurred since I was standing there doing the same thing 10 years ago. Of course much of the change was brought on by the birth of my daughter, and that does change quite a bit.  There were times that we used to go up into the mountains and camp out over the weekend. Leaving most of the complexities of life back in our suburban house. We would bring the dogs and the fly rod and sit and watch the fire, telling stories about other times that we had doing the same thing. Even after my daughter was born we would bring the travel play yard and she would sleep in the folding crib inside the tent. The days would be spent walking around the woods or fishing the river or just hanging by th

A Long September

A few weeks ago I opened up an email from a friend of mine and it quite simply read, "How ya been? September Sucked." Of course I was intrigued by this email and wanted to make sure that she was alright, but I was also confronted with the fact that what she had said was completely true in my life too. Had we both been subjected to so much crap that we deemed the entire month terrible.  Lets see, on my end, my wife started a new job that basically pushed her paycheck back by six weeks. Which financially we were already strapped for cash since she quit her last job back in July and spent most of August looking for work. Then the car trouble started. They were minor issues but when you have absolutely no spare cash they quickly become major. It was around that time that my wife's grandfather had started to become ill, at 90 becoming ill is probably not going to end well and we all knew the inevitable. What ended up happening was and is still a myste

Thats Not Appropriate

So my daughter wanted some help with her homework, and I being the only one home was a willing volunteer. She had to pick out a current event from the newspaper and write about it. She needed a story with the basics, who or what, where, when and how. The article she originally picked was about how one of the victims of the Colorado theater shooting felt about guns. I thought it would be a good article but she said it did not really have all the basics. At that point we went online to look at some other articles. Now I have been a journalist for a period of my life, hard news mostly and some freelance sports writing so immediately I thought, "why not write about the people that were killed in a bar the other night." Mind you, my daughter is in the fifth grade and I was not thinking about it at the time. "Dad," she said. "Do you really think that is appropriate for the fifth grade." Hmm... a story about a robbery gone wrong, 5 murders in a seedy bar a

Second bit of Fiction

“Don’t turn on the light,” she cried out as I walked into the room and put my hand on the switch. My eyes slowly adjusted to the dark as I could see a flicker of a candle near the bed. I just got off of working a late night and wanted to change into something more comfortable, but she had other ideas for me. “Where are the kids?” I asked. “With a friend, yes, we are all alone,” she spoke softly now. I caught a glimpse of her body in the glow of the candlelight but my eyes still could not adjust to the dark. I heard the creak of the bed as she moved to grab my hand and guide me to the edge of the bed. Her hands were at my belt as they unhooked the buckle and opened my pants dropping them to the floor. I was already aroused although not fully erect. She pulled my cock free from my shorts and ran her lips along the head. I groaned and arched my back a little, my senses were so attuned in the darkness I could almost hear her smile. Wrapping her mouth around my cock, she slid i

A Little Bit of Fiction

So until this time I have posted factual stories on this blog, but having a bit of a dry spell with both real life and writing I decided to post some stories that I had submitted to possibly be included in a book of short erotica stories but did not get selected... So here goes, hope you like it. Whack, the force of the strike made Jeff cringe. The restraints held as he fell back on them awaiting the next blow. He could feel the wind move slightly as the next crack was felt on his backside. That one hurt, he thought, much more than was expected. But the prearranged agreement was that anything goes until the word was spoken. He was not going to let her break him and she knew that, but she also knew where the line was ultimately drawn. The gasps from the crowd were barely heard with the ringing in his ears. She was going to put her mark on him this time, much to his pleasure as his pain. The leather clad Elise smiled as she swung the paddle once again. Hanging from the cross J