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Day One

If you are a regular reader of my blog, I would like to first thank you for sticking with me, and second mention that you probably already know that I have been into fitness for the past few years. Not that I try different fads but one thing that strikes me as interesting is intermittent fasting, basically going 12-24 hours without eating. This may sound a bit tough to do but if you think about it you eat dinner at 6 pm the first night then do not eat anything until at least lunch the next day, or even dinner if you add the eight hours of sleep into your math. Apparently as studies have shown since we are largely a hunter gatherer species our bodies have gone long periods without food. This allows our bodies to rid excess sugars and balance out the metabolism. This of course does not mean we fast for a week at a time, just a short period. Apparently the fasting boosts metabolism, increases your immune response and lowers overall blood glucose, things that help aid in a