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Traveling Again...

So I have been traveling again. This time somewhere in the midwest. It is tough because it is the holiday weekened but this trip has been pretty good. Lets see, I owe you all several posts. I promised keeping up with my posts but have been a little behind in some of the posting, sorry about that. So I will have to make up for it with some other things. This week I have connected with a fellow blogger through cyberspace and have had some great conversations. It is nice to have someone to talk with while I am sitting in my hotel room watching bad tv. It gets lonely traveling, although I like the fact that I get out of the office quite a bit now. I was working from home for the six months prior to relocating and starting this new job with the same company. Anyway, I will post some stories over the next few days while I am traveling and hopefully update you on some things that have happened and stories that I have left unfinished. In the meantime here is a HNT shot from my hote

We had a moment.

As I mentioned in a previous post, weekend sex is the only type of sex that I can now have. And the three times I have had sex since I have been back from the field is a record for the past month. Of course this Sunday after a failed attempt I started wondering if the pattern would once again reveal itself. The pattern of sex maybe once every third month. I did tell her that I was enjoying the new pattern, and could not go back to the sex maybe 5 times a year one, and she agreed but that did not help the situation. I know this week has been hard and it will continue to be hard with Mother's day coming up and it being the first since my wife's mom passed away last year. She is also still unemployed and has been trying to find a job. So the stress and depression have been a lot for her. She told me the other night that she was not happy with the way our relationship was going. I was surprised because since we have moved I have been nothing but supportive, caring, loving, giv