Traveling Again...

So I have been traveling again. This time somewhere in the midwest. It is tough because it is the holiday weekened but this trip has been pretty good.

Lets see, I owe you all several posts. I promised keeping up with my posts but have been a little behind in some of the posting, sorry about that.

So I will have to make up for it with some other things.

This week I have connected with a fellow blogger through cyberspace and have had some great conversations. It is nice to have someone to talk with while I am sitting in my hotel room watching bad tv.

It gets lonely traveling, although I like the fact that I get out of the office quite a bit now. I was working from home for the six months prior to relocating and starting this new job with the same company.

Anyway, I will post some stories over the next few days while I am traveling and hopefully update you on some things that have happened and stories that I have left unfinished.

In the meantime here is a HNT shot from my hotel.. not a very good shot, and not a good pose but I only have my cell phone camera with me and it does not take the best pictures...



  1. I think I need some new HNTs...keep it up!

  2. Sexy ass! Not a bad shot considering it was taken with a cell phone!


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