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Life Decisions

For those of you wondering, things have been really good lately. Other than the usual problems I always face everything else was as it should be and I have been happy. My job has given me the opportunity to get more involved in the business development side of things so I get to go out and market for the company a bit. I know marketing does not sound like the best job but it is not marketing in the same way as cold calling people. We are largely a government contracting firm so this would be speaking with our partners and other contracting agents, basically networking and such. For me it is perfect since I like to talk with new people. I was also offered a job by another company but decided to turn it down to give my new role in my current company a chance, its nice to have options. Of course the company that offered me a job is a very large software developer and it could have been a great job for me, but I felt that I could not leave my current job. Loyalty is something that