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On Friendship

I know it has been a while since I posted, and I have pretty much used every excuse as to why but I think it is time to move forward and not worry about the past few months. So here is a new post. A few weeks ago I started my busy season. I coach a high school sports team and my season starts in January and goes through May. Pretty much during these months all my free time is taking up with the team and the players. My wife knows this but still gets pretty upset that I am not here. Starting this season off has been worse because of the relationship problems we have. I have covered some of it earlier but for a refresher, my wife is depressed. What makes this worse is she hates everything about our current life, our house, our financial situation, where we live and they fact that she has no friends here. I do not have a lot of friends here either. I left some of my best friends where we previously lived, but have yet to find some here that we really have a lot in common with. Altho