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What a week so far...

Well its been a few days since my last post and I am going through withdrawal... and no I have not burnt out yet, ha! Only been doing this for a few weeks so far and have lots to write about still. But this weekend one of the computers I was working on, cleaning viruses and such, shut down my network because it was sending out spam for penis enlargement pills... yippee! And then I had to fulfill my civic duty yesterday and quite possibly tomorrow as well, wont know until I call later in the day. So I will be trying to catch up on my comments and my posts in the next few hours while I have time. So dont lose faith in me yet, I have some great stories to tell.

Co-workers... a rant

One of my co-workers pissed me off today, as he has so many times in the past, we have even nicknamed him the disgruntled employee or DE for short. He took a task request from my group, something that we should not even be doing, and said that we would take care of it and then expected me to do it. He no longer works for my group, a group that I am in charge of. What really bothered me was that he was complaining that he did not have enough billable hours a few months back and wanted some from our group which I gave him, but since then he has not done even a quarter of what we offered. This particular request came to him directly so he should have been doing this work... He also promised them to have it after lunch, right when I take my workout break, so I had to move my schedule and he should have been the one doing the work. I dont mind doing the work, I do mind the fact that he complains about the hours, gets a job, then passes it off on me. Well after all, I guess he is t

Its A Start (HNT)

I thought I would join the ranks and add a picture... of course not too revealing but that may change as time goes on... Hope you enjoy it! Happy HNT. Check out Os for who else posted today!

Just received...

My wife just sent me this text... "I swatted a wasp off my leg onto the ground and a big toad came up and ate it!" Its definitely the little things that I appreciate about her... the fact that she would get excited about nature like that is what made me fall in love in the first place.

The Last Good Day

I was riding my motorcycle to work this morning, stuck in the all too familiar back to school traffic that now inhabits our streets and thinking about what to write about. Most of my thinking is done on the 30 minute commute from my home to my work since I do not have a radio on my bike and did not like having earbuds in while trying to avoid the drivers that for some reason want to run me off the road. Despite the daily near-hits it is meditative to ride my motorcycle without music. I tend to get a lot of thinking done and it usually makes me feel so much better when I finally arrive at work or home, (most of the time home since no one really likes arriving to work.) So today I thought when was the last good day I had with my wife... There are glimmers of greatness in our relationship but they fade quickly. Our 5th wedding anniversary was an incredible night, we went all out with the pre-dinner drinks on the roof of one of the local restaurants over looking the harbor, dinner at

Well I Did It. (100 Things)

And I thought it was going to be impossible but I finally finished my 100 things... The first 40 were easy, the second 40 were slightly difficult, the last 20 I really had no idea what to write about without getting deeply personal. I know you probably want me to get deeply personal but I do not want to reveal too much about myself while still trying to remain somewhat more private. Not that I dont mind the transparency, its just that I dont think my employer would appreciate what I write about so I have to keep my life, this life, somewhat private. That is not to say that I wont reveal some of my more private details to many of you, I am just saying that I am not that comfortable doing it yet. And maybe only in chats or emails for that matter. If any of you ever have any question you would like to ask me please feel free to do so, I will answer as best as I can. So please enjoy my 100 things... I loaded it as one of my pages instead of doing a separate post about it... so yo

A Humbling Thank You.

I wanted to make sure that I thanked the folks that have been visiting and are now following my site, I know I am new here but everyone has made me feel so comfortable with the way things work I already feel part of the community. I wanted to thank Beryl and Minority Report for mentioning me and definitely making me feel welcome. ;) I hope that you will continue to visit and find my posts interesting. Please if anyone wants to know anything about me just ask. Beryl did request that one of my next posts be about me and I will do that, just not sure how to start it. Was thinking I may do the 100 thing post but that seems like a lot of things to come up with. Anyway, I will probably be participating in a lot more things as I become more comfortable with the things that I write about and the people that are reading them. Take care and thanks...

On the Subject of Grooming

I spent most of my day cleaning on Sunday, pretty typical, and seeing that I had not cut my hair in a few weeks I decided to clean myself up a bit too. A few months ago I bought a grooming kit from Amazon because I was getting tired of paying 14 dollars for a haircut that I could pretty much do myself. I have been keeping my hair short since it is so hot here in the south during the summer. So after cleaning the shower out, and believe me when I say that I felt like I was living in a bachelor pad the way the shower looked, I got to work on my hair. This time though I decide to groom some other parts too. I locked the door, stripped down and proceeding to give myself a haircut. Besides its better to do it naked because I hate getting hair caught in my clothes. When I was finished with my head, I oiled up the blades and went to work on my pubic area. Now I am not that hairy but I do have a lot of dark hair on my chest and pubic region, so it definitely needed a little grooming. Pre

Touch -- Part 2

(Part 1 Here) Breathing heavy, she replied a simple "yes," that was probably all that she could get out. I could feel her wetness on my fingers and moved closer to her as I lifter her leg up off of the bed and slipped mine under hers. I quickly pulled off my boxers and moved my body up more until I was in contact with her. At this point my body was aching so badly and I was not sure how long I would last. I inched closer and felt my cock on her lips, as I reached around and teased her with it, moving it up and down careful not to penetrate yet. She was incredibly sensitive at this point and she was moaning again. I pushed the head in just enough and pulled it back out, this usually drives her crazy and she meets me with a thrust, but tonight she seemed a little tired from the foreplay. I leaned back and grabbed her shoulder and with one big push I slide it all the way in. I sat there for a second and just felt the warmth of her body on mine. My fingers reached for h

Saturday Night

Been thinking about trying to finish my story from yesterday since the party we were invited to was canceled. The hostess is sick, so the get together was postponed. It would have been a fun time, drinking and eating with friends. Today actually turned into a pretty good day... I woke up to go to 'Boot Camp' at my local Y, but they had tryouts for the little kids football and the field we normally use was taken. We ended up going on the playground which seemed strange at first and was strange but the instructors had us do some different things that turned out to be fun... Of course climbing the rope ladder and sliding down the pole did not really do much for my fitness but it was fun to watch. The female instructor did comment about pole dancing on it and tried to get her legs high enough on the pole, which gave us all a laugh. Then I cleaned the car which was a mess after bringing our dog to the vet yesterday and he left half of his coat on the seats... Note to all the

Touch -- (part 1)

Not sure why I am on this one word title kick but oh well... I glance quickly over at the red glow of the alarm clock, 12:15. The room is dark and quiet except for the whirring of the ceiling fan. I am horny and already hard but I do not want to wake her up too quickly. Slowly I move my hand to her back between her shoulder blades. I move just my fingers at first over the fabric of her shirt, caressing and circling. She stirs slightly to my touch as I start to move my hand over her back. Sliding her shirt up, I put my hand underneath the fabric and move it gently around her back, teasing the hairs as I move up. She is fully awake now and moans quietly as she says, "that feels good." I move closer now, since she has been awakened and I no longer have to worry about moving too quickly. My hand tickles her hairs on her spine as I move it down to the small of her back, pausing briefly there and circling my thumb. My head is at the base of her neck breathing softly on her ba


I wonder sometimes... How do I reach out to her again? If I start telling her I love her, more often, will she wonder if something else is going on? Is there hope for our marraige? Is there hope for our sex life? Can I be the romantic I once was without it being awkward as it has been the past few times I have tried?     ... and then I think, its only the depression, and we can work through all of these issues... but she needs to get better first ... I see hope in other people's lives ... hope for her ... hope for her to heal ... hope for us to be the couple we once were  ... but I'm tired.


A few years ago I gained a lot of weight, almost 40 lbs in just over six months... I had just recently taken a new job in a new city and had new friends. Friends that go out to eat every single day and they go for the buffets and the fried food. But starting just over two years ago I decided I needed to change. We had already joined the gym but mainly to get the day care benefits that it offered. As a joining bonus you could have 6 sessions with the trainer. Now I have always been an athlete. Played sports every season in high school, went on to college on a scholarship to play.. spent most of my adult life in the outdoors either skiing, mountain biking or hiking. But now I was not exercising much at all. Quickly I got frustrated with the fact that I was so overweight, and that began the obsession. It started slowly, doing the same routines I was in college, weight lifting mainly. I lost almost all the weight that I gained but I was still determined. I wanted to have 12 percent or

Dealing with Insecurities

So we had a kid's birthday party to go to on Saturday night, however the invitation indicated that adults were welcome to come and to bring your own. That being said we originally had no intention of going with alcohol since neither of us drink very much anymore. In fact with all the medications that my wife is on she does not drink at all. Well the party started at 5:30 and our child was wanting to go as soon as the clock turned 5, so we gathered our things and headed out the door. The weather was far from perfect but I resigned myself to making the best of it and although it was a pool party decided not to bring my suit. It was in our neighborhood so I could always go back and get it if I needed to. Arriving at the party we realized that we were probably the only ones that did not bring either a bathing suit or liquor, but we were there and I did not feel like leaving just yet. So we sat as we always do at a table somewhat by ourselves. Now, I am the social one. I can enter a


Ever since we moved to the south I have been struggling with maintaining a lasting friendship. I have friends through work but none of them have any of the same interests as me. I stopped going to bars a few years ago and am now into a completely healthy living routine. The weekends are mostly sitting around the house watching TV or movies or working on the computer and I have been longing for other people to hang out with. Part of the problem is my wife is extremely insecure at first and does not do well in social settings, as I will talk about in a different post. So we spend most of our time on the couch or she is on her facebook page. Last spring I spent some time with one of my players families, I coach a high school sports team, but they moved back up north. I do hang out with one of my assistant coaches but he is much younger than I am and does all the things a younger person would do. Of course I do not really act my age most of the time but sometimes its nice to have con


I used to be a romantic, of course there was that one time that I ran over the box of chocolates that my gf put on my car, but I swear that I did not know they were there. I bought flowers just because rather than for an occasion. I was more of the guy that would bring one red rose, not because I could not afford more, but rather I always thought that it meant more because I would do it just because I felt like it. I would always get cards and go for walks and do things that I found chivalrous like open doors, offer her my jacket, offer my arm when walking, etc. I even asked my wife's father for her hand in marriage before I even came close to proposing to her... of course he wanted to shoot me in the foot but that is another story. These days though my life has become so complicated and our relationship is so strange that I find it hard to be romantic. Somedays I try to think of things to do to make us closer, but it always becomes a fiasco and maybe that is what life is now.