Ever since we moved to the south I have been struggling with maintaining a lasting friendship. I have friends through work but none of them have any of the same interests as me. I stopped going to bars a few years ago and am now into a completely healthy living routine.

The weekends are mostly sitting around the house watching TV or movies or working on the computer and I have been longing for other people to hang out with. Part of the problem is my wife is extremely insecure at first and does not do well in social settings, as I will talk about in a different post. So we spend most of our time on the couch or she is on her facebook page.

Last spring I spent some time with one of my players families, I coach a high school sports team, but they moved back up north. I do hang out with one of my assistant coaches but he is much younger than I am and does all the things a younger person would do.

Of course I do not really act my age most of the time but sometimes its nice to have conversations about books or other things that I find interesting.

This weekend, however, I may have met some people that I will hopefully be hanging out with in the future. The events would center around college football, and while I may not be the biggest fan, living in the south you have to watch it and be able to converse about it. The greatest thing about this is the fact that they all live in the same neighborhood so driving home will not be a problem... we can all stumble down the streets to our homes and not worry at all about getting behind the wheel.

So hopefully this will work out, I have a few weeks before the start of the college season but I am definitely looking forward to it.


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