Well I Did It. (100 Things)

And I thought it was going to be impossible but I finally finished my 100 things...

The first 40 were easy, the second 40 were slightly difficult, the last 20 I really had no idea what to write about without getting deeply personal. I know you probably want me to get deeply personal but I do not want to reveal too much about myself while still trying to remain somewhat more private.

Not that I dont mind the transparency, its just that I dont think my employer would appreciate what I write about so I have to keep my life, this life, somewhat private.

That is not to say that I wont reveal some of my more private details to many of you, I am just saying that I am not that comfortable doing it yet. And maybe only in chats or emails for that matter.

If any of you ever have any question you would like to ask me please feel free to do so, I will answer as best as I can.

So please enjoy my 100 things... I loaded it as one of my pages instead of doing a separate post about it... so you will have to click the link in my navigation bar.


  1. That's a great list. #16, #29 - okay, WOW! #68, #69 - *nodding in agreement* It's sad about your college roomie.

    You sound like a really good person.

  2. Great list!
    "57. I cried for days after my one dog died, I am not sure how I will handle my other dog when he passes away so I try not to think about it."
    I try not to think about that also. :(

  3. You did great! I have not been brave enough to attempt it. I will say you have great taste in ice cream ;) Thanks for sharing.

  4. Nicely done! Was interesting to read through the list and sort of get a feel for who you are.

  5. That was a REALLY REALLY insightful list. I knew there was a reason I liked you!!!

  6. Thanks for the comments.. it took me a while to do it but I am glad that I did.

    @nitebyrd... so you are a fan of Preston and Child as well?

    @MR.. yes I look at him and stare sometimes wondering what it would be like without him.

    @Gwen, you just have to do it... I was not sure when I started but it actually was fun to do.

    @Will, glad you enjoyed it... there were a lot of things that I have forgotten about over the years and felt better about saying them again.

    And last but not least Beryl, I like you too! Thanks.

  7. Yes. Agent Pendergast is one of my favorite characters.

    Oh, and I'm with you on organized religion, too.


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