I wonder sometimes...

How do I reach out to her again?

If I start telling her I love her, more often, will she wonder if something else is going on?

Is there hope for our marraige?

Is there hope for our sex life?

Can I be the romantic I once was without it being awkward as it has been the past few times I have tried?

    ... and then I think, its only the depression, and we can work through all of these issues... but she needs to get better first ...

I see hope in other people's lives ... hope for her ... hope for her to heal ... hope for us to be the couple we once were  ... but

I'm tired.


  1. First off, great blog. And thanks for the listing to mine on that sidebar of your's :)

    Second, my husband deals with anxiety and some depression. Meds have stabilized it, but when it rears its ugly head (for days or weeks or....) I too get tired. I start wondering and questioning.

    Hang in there. But realize that you get to be tired. It's hard to support. It's hard to do the right thing when you have needs (sexual and non). You get to be tired while holding onto the hope. Those two are not mutually exclusive in this case.



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