Co-workers... a rant

One of my co-workers pissed me off today, as he has so many times in the past, we have even nicknamed him the disgruntled employee or DE for short.

He took a task request from my group, something that we should not even be doing, and said that we would take care of it and then expected me to do it. He no longer works for my group, a group that I am in charge of.

What really bothered me was that he was complaining that he did not have enough billable hours a few months back and wanted some from our group which I gave him, but since then he has not done even a quarter of what we offered. This particular request came to him directly so he should have been doing this work...

He also promised them to have it after lunch, right when I take my workout break, so I had to move my schedule and he should have been the one doing the work.

I dont mind doing the work, I do mind the fact that he complains about the hours, gets a job, then passes it off on me.

Well after all, I guess he is the DE.

Happy Friday! At least I had a great workout and am looking forward to the weekend... I even worked out harder because I am going to the Olive Garden tonight for their never ending pasta bowls... yeehaw!


  1. Idiots abound in every office. You probably got in a great workout because of the pent up aggression and it was way better than punching him in the head!

    Hope you enjoyed the pasta!

  2. Careful about working out pent-up work agression via a workout. It's how I screwed up my leg. But before it happened, I was having a GREAT fun. :)

  3. That stinks about the DE. They're everywhere.

    ...and Mmmmm Olive Garden.


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