Touch -- (part 1)

Not sure why I am on this one word title kick but oh well...

I glance quickly over at the red glow of the alarm clock, 12:15. The room is dark and quiet except for the whirring of the ceiling fan. I am horny and already hard but I do not want to wake her up too quickly.

Slowly I move my hand to her back between her shoulder blades. I move just my fingers at first over the fabric of her shirt, caressing and circling. She stirs slightly to my touch as I start to move my hand over her back. Sliding her shirt up, I put my hand underneath the fabric and move it gently around her back, teasing the hairs as I move up.

She is fully awake now and moans quietly as she says, "that feels good." I move closer now, since she has been awakened and I no longer have to worry about moving too quickly. My hand tickles her hairs on her spine as I move it down to the small of her back, pausing briefly there and circling my thumb. My head is at the base of her neck breathing softly on her back, I am hard now but do not want to rush it.

Gently, slowly I move my hands down to the curve of her hip placing my index finger just inside her pajama bottoms and inch toward her stomach. I love her curves, she has always had an incredible shape. Her stomach is soft to my touch and her body moves quickly away from the sensitivity of my fingers. Moving slowly up her stomach I pause just below her breast and then circle my fingers back to her shoulders. I repeat the motion as she leans closer to me, wanting me to touch her nipple. I tease, pausing again below her breast and bringing my hand to her back again.

The next time my fingers brush her nipple and she lets out a slow moan as her nipple hardens to my touch. My body aches in anticipation but I am still not done teasing her.

My fingers massage her nipple as my hand caresses her breast moving from one to the other. I move my hand down her body and again into her pajama bottoms this time going a little deeper feeling the patch of hair just above her clit. She smiles and asks me "what are you doing?" I don't respond but move my hand closer as my fingers touch her labia. She spreads her legs slightly and I notice she is extremely wet. Teasingly, I bring my hand back up and out of her bottoms and circle around to her back again.

I can tell now that there is a good chance we are going to have sex (there are times when she resists and I end up going back to bed) so this time I pull her shirt up and over her head. I slide my legs around her until I am on top and looking down onto her dimly lit face. I move in to kiss her and as I do so I slowly move to the other side of her to give my right hand better access.

In a quick motion I pull her bottoms off and she helps kick them off of the bed. She is fully naked now and I can just make out the curves of her body in the dimly lit room. I move my hand back down to her clit and slowly massage it. I lubricate my fingers with her wetness and gradually pick up the pace. I can hear her moan louder now and her body stiffens slightly. Faster, I move my fingers, I hear her cry out "don't stop." I can feel her body respond to my touch, she is shaking but I can tell she has not reached orgasm yet.

She is close, her breathing increases. Moving her hips to meet my fingers, I reach my free hand up and touch her nipple. Moving my head closer I touch my tongue to her breast taking her nipple in my mouth and sucking. Her body begins to rise off the body as my hand is moving as fast as I can make it. I can feel her holding her breath. She lets out one long gasp and her hips collapse back on the bed. I move my head from nipple and ask her, did you cum?

(I will post the rest of this story tonight or tomorrow depending on the time)


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