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We had sex...

Progress was being made, we were enjoying each others company.  Then things changed for the worse. I had been traveling.  A few days north of our border for work, but returned home last Friday evening. Things were going well at least I thought they were. Saturday morning I woke up early and started massaging her back.  She said she was tired and so I went out to the couch to watch some television and let her sleep a little longer. When she finally did make it out to the living room the discussion began. We talked about making progress, about how she felt.  I thought things were going wrong but according to her we were way off.  She told me she did not want to even try to have sex at this point, things were moving too fast for her. Then things got somewhat ugly.  Things were said that should not have been said and while we did not once raise our voices, the argument was clear.  I told her basically we were roommates and I was not happy with the situation.  She told me she was