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Pizza.. Food Friday

Let me start by saying I am from New Jersey, yes I know that says a lot. But I am not your typical Jersey boy in all aspects, a few, but not all. I also want to point out that I have never even seen one episode of The Jersey Shore, although from what people have said, I definitely have seen those types of people at the Jersey Shore. Actually I think I went to high school with people like that. But that is not what I am writing about anyway. While I can be at times, a gourmet chef, my favorite food to cook is pizza. Ever since I can remember my family has been making pizza, and no we are not Italian, Irish and English mostly, pizza was always a staple in our dinner menu. When I was younger I would not even eat my Mom's pizza, settling for hot dogs on those days. But as I grew up, the brothers would all fight for how many slices we could eat. The last few years of college I started making the pizza myself. From the oil stained recipe my mom gave me I would make it for all m

That Was Horrible

The phone call came just as my wife was walking in the door. Our daughter wanted to eat dinner at her friends house. My wife was thinking that would give us an opportunity to go to the grocery store, I was thinking otherwise. We had just spent the past few weeks without any time alone and while in the past that did not mean much this time our relationship was going really well. So I said coyly, that we had time to ourselves and we should take advantage of it. Her reply of course was to ask me what I had in mind. I did not need to explain anymore than that and this time she actually agreed. Normally she puts up a little fight until I give up, but as soon as she said okay I felt my cock start to grow. Quickly we cleared off the bed of the clothes that we had started to unpack from our trip to Georgia and we both laid down next to each other. "Are we just going to get naked and have sex or should we do a little foreplay?" I asked. Normally I just go for the foreplay but t

HNT - The Finale

I woke up this morning thinking that I would post something fun that happened to me in the last week, which I will soon. However, I was surprised and saddened to see that HNT is ending. I found this out by checking out my favorite HNT blogger Emmy  posted a final picture. I started this blog as a way to express my feelings and sexuality and found an incredible community. HNT allowed me to expose myself without actually revealing everything about me. In one way it was helping me to feel desired, in another it was helping to come out of my shell. Unfortunately I did not get to completely explore all the different artistic opportunities that HNT allowed, but I did have fun for the past year. I owe a lot to the people that helped me along the way including Osbasso and his HNT Posts. So I end my HNT where I began, a self shot in the mirror. Although it is a different mirror, and a lot more revealing than the first, it is a similar shot that was my first. I also decided to post a fe

The Most Wonderful Time... Sort of.

I don't hate Christmas, I just think that its a little overplayed. I am not a grinch when it comes to Christmas, I just get tired of every last commercial reminding me that it is Christmas time.  From the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving to the week after Christmas I always feel a little depressed. It starts with my birthday, and ends New Year's Day. I think the main thing that concerns me is money. Despite not having any we still try to buy gifts for everyone in our family and with a growing family it slowly becomes quite a lot of people. Mostly on my wife's side.  We set a budget this year and while we tried to stick to it, it never actually works that way, and our budget is small. Part of the problem this year is that my wife's brother has been furloughed and his wife does not work and they have several small kids including one with special needs. So after talking with him and her realizing that the kids were not going to get much for Christmas it has compelled