The Most Wonderful Time... Sort of.

I don't hate Christmas, I just think that its a little overplayed. I am not a grinch when it comes to Christmas, I just get tired of every last commercial reminding me that it is Christmas time. 

From the weeks leading up to Thanksgiving to the week after Christmas I always feel a little depressed. It starts with my birthday, and ends New Year's Day. I think the main thing that concerns me is money. Despite not having any we still try to buy gifts for everyone in our family and with a growing family it slowly becomes quite a lot of people. Mostly on my wife's side. 

We set a budget this year and while we tried to stick to it, it never actually works that way, and our budget is small. Part of the problem this year is that my wife's brother has been furloughed and his wife does not work and they have several small kids including one with special needs. So after talking with him and her realizing that the kids were not going to get much for Christmas it has compelled her to buy more things for them.

Now I am all for giving but when we have medical bills and other issues that drain our bank account it is hard to be generous. 

For me the holidays are about spending time with family and friends. They are about cooking good meals and drinking good cocktails. I do not mind the gift exchange but it needs to be reasonable, or at least what we can afford without trying to max out our credit cards.

Of course I like the reaction my daughter has to the presents under the tree. She still believes in Santa. This will probably be the last year and then maybe we can take a trip like many other family's do for Christmas.

New Years Eve is even worse for me. I have had some really good times on New Year's but those days are long behind me. My New Year's now consists of going to the Christmas lights at the park then coming home and everyone going to sleep by 10, while I stay up and watch the ball drop in Time's Square.

We joke that it was easier when we lived in Utah, since we could go to sleep at 10:30 and still have seen the ball drop. So now I have a few drinks on the couch while watching whatever marathon is playing with my dogs sitting next to me. I dont mind doing that on any other night, but being that it is New Year's Eve and everyone else is out celebrating I tend to get a little depressed.

Maybe this will be a better year, we are planning on celebrating Christmas with my family in Georgia. However New Year's is going to be a bust since my wife has to work the entire weekend. 

Anyway, I hope everyone has a happy holiday, Christmas or otherwise. And happy New Year as well. I am trying to do a HNT Holiday post this week so we shall see if it works.


  1. with all my kids we finally started drawing names. It's hard for me to do because I still want to buy for all of the kids, but now that there are a crap load of spouses involved and many more grandkids it got expensive for everyone. I still get for all of the grand kids though. My favorite day of the year besides Independence day? The day AFTER Christmas. With all that being said, I hope you have a wonderful Christmas, especially being state side and hoep your New Year is better than expected!

  2. So Sorry Blue! Would it help to know that I feel exactly the same way? I stress over the money and gifts as well. I carry the depression. The only difference is that I am generally asleep by 9 p.m. on New Year's eve which for some reason seems more depressing. Anyway, cheer up. You are not alone.

  3. I wish I knew when and why Christmas stopped being warm, magical and just about the best day ever!


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