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My New Life in Photos...

Well I promised you pictures, so here goes... Lake up in the Mountains... Same lake different view... This is what I see from my office window everyday... minus the snow now. A brief trip during recent field work. The clouds looked a lot better in person... like giant cotton balls. This is the view from our apartment window.. a storm coming in. That is all for now. Hope you enjoy it.

The internet is for porn...

I have come to the realization that internet porn does not really get me off in the same way that it used to. I used to be into some pretty hardcore stuff, but have since changed my attitude towards a lot of it. I find myself somewhat turned off by the extreme images, and find myself more drawn to the real porn. The not so perfect couples that feature women whose boobs actually bounce when having sex. Mainstream porn has become so ridiculously fake. My go to site is a cam site. I find that I like to interact with the girls, although I rarely even type anything into the chat window. Because of this realization I spend my time searching some of the adult personal sites to find people to chat with. I still have yet to find anyone that I reach out to, mostly because I feel awkward just starting the conversation with these folks. I do have one friend that I chat with occasionally but her and I do not have sexual chats anymore. We are great friends and I love talking with her but we ta

When will we... This is just outrageous. A few years ago I saw Bullshit on cable, the one with Penn and Teller... it was an okay show but the one that struck me was the one on the Boy Scouts and their so called "Moral Agenda". The show focused on the fact that the leaders of the Boy Scouts were leaders in the Mormon church. Now I do not have anything against what religion you belong to, but religion should have no part in the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. We are trying to teach our kids to be better leaders, how can they be better leaders if they can not learn tolerance on all levels? The article states: The organization said it believes Scouting is not the right place for youngsters to be exposed to issues of sexual orientation. Of course I agree with that statement, but where does it ever say that she exposed the kids to the issues of her sexual orientation. A few sentences let

The Next Chapter

I have begun the next chapter in my life. I will be writing more... I will be happier... Hopefully there will be more sex... at least it has started out that way... I will post more pictures, maybe not naughty ones, but ones that I take of where I live... I will share the next chapter of my life with you. Here are some highlights: We moved - I touched on this already, but this is a big part of the next chapter, especially since the move has resulted in me being much happier... I never knew how much I really did not like where I lived before until I moved here. We have had sex three times in the past two weeks... I know to many of you this is not a huge amount but considering I have had almost as much sex in the past two weeks as I have had all year last year I am pretty happy... lets hope the trend continues. Our relationship is much better than it was when we were in the south as well as her bipolar depression, this is a major step forward for us. Those are just a few