The Next Chapter

I have begun the next chapter in my life.

I will be writing more...
I will be happier...
Hopefully there will be more sex... at least it has started out that way...
I will post more pictures, maybe not naughty ones, but ones that I take of where I live...
I will share the next chapter of my life with you.

Here are some highlights:

  • We moved - I touched on this already, but this is a big part of the next chapter, especially since the move has resulted in me being much happier... I never knew how much I really did not like where I lived before until I moved here.
  • We have had sex three times in the past two weeks... I know to many of you this is not a huge amount but considering I have had almost as much sex in the past two weeks as I have had all year last year I am pretty happy... lets hope the trend continues.
  • Our relationship is much better than it was when we were in the south as well as her bipolar depression, this is a major step forward for us.
Those are just a few things that we have been enjoying with much more to come...

For now, just enjoy the sunrise picture I took a few weeks ago...

It was like this almost every morning before starting the field work that I was doing.



  1. This is great news! Maybe the South is more depressing ... could be the weather. Looking forward to your next chapter!

  2. Glad things are going so well. And starting your day with that sunrise.....awesome!

  3. Thanks for the comments... I do think the weather had a lot to do with it, also the people are not too kind to outsiders...

    the sunrise was pretty much the way I started my day for almost the entire time I was in the field, it was truly a great way for the day to start.


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