When will we...


This is just outrageous.

A few years ago I saw Bullshit on cable, the one with Penn and Teller... it was an okay show but the one that struck me was the one on the Boy Scouts and their so called "Moral Agenda".

The show focused on the fact that the leaders of the Boy Scouts were leaders in the Mormon church. Now I do not have anything against what religion you belong to, but religion should have no part in the Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts. We are trying to teach our kids to be better leaders, how can they be better leaders if they can not learn tolerance on all levels?

The article states:
The organization said it believes Scouting is not the right place for youngsters to be exposed to issues of sexual orientation.
Of course I agree with that statement, but where does it ever say that she exposed the kids to the issues of her sexual orientation.

A few sentences letter it states:
 Crystal Sabinsky said: "My son asked me last night, 'Why did Jen leave? Why is she in trouble?' He doesn't understand."
To me that indicates that the kids were never once subjected to any issues related to sexual orientation.

Let me tell you there are a lot more men out there that have probably subjected these kids to a lot worse than this woman has.

When will we learn that sexual orientation has nothing to do with your moral character...


  1. I hate this sort of thing. I really wish people would get over their fear / hatred of people/things they don't understand and just leave good people alone.


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