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A Child's Perspective

So our mean alcoholic neighbor who has threatened to call the police on my 9 year old for just being a kid and drives too fast through our neighborhood even when the kids are outside cut the corner too fast and nearly hit me. I looked directly at her and called her a bitch as she tried to correct her turn so she would not clip my bumper. Our windows were basically right next to each other when I said that so I know she heard me, but that was my intention. Then I heard, "Daddy," from my back seat. "That was not nice," my daughter said. I replied, I know but that was the mean lady and she deserves it. My daughter said, "No Daddy, she is just misunderstood." I was surprised that she would even say that since she has been yelled at for playing in the street in front of her house, which just happens to be at the end of a cul de sac... riding her back, I mean where the hell is she supposed to ride her damn bike. She said that our other neighbor t

HNT Post It

So I sort of cheated a little bit... I only had the post its that my company gave me and they did not stick very well, so instead of writing on the post its I added the text afterword. Anyway, if you can not read the text it says, "this is the most daring I have been on HNT." Which is true I have never revealed as much skin from the front as I have today. Hope you like it... and no those are not real spiders, haha. Have a Happy HNT, and visit  Os's page  for more HNT participants this week... maybe now that I am getting more daring I may have to post something at  the other HNT  sometime in the near future.

Its about time... (HNToS)

Well its been so long since I posted one and was planning on doing it actually on Thursday but better late than never. So here is a half nekkid thursday picture on sunday (HNToS) I may start participating in these pictures again, I have a few good ideas that I need to explore. Since I now work from home I can get a lot more clever with the pictures. Maybe even take a few in the backyard, who knows. Hope everyone had a good HNT on Thursday. This of course is a picture of my new facial hair. Not sure how much I like it or what I am going to do about it but for now I am keeping it. I trimmed it the other day but I may let it grow out a little more and groom it with my nice trimmers. Of course I have been grooming some other areas of my body too.