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HNT Post It

So I sort of cheated a little bit... I only had the post its that my company gave me and they did not stick very well, so instead of writing on the post its I added the text afterword.

Anyway, if you can not read the text it says, "this is the most daring I have been on HNT." Which is true I have never revealed as much skin from the front as I have today.

Hope you like it... and no those are not real spiders, haha.

Have a Happy HNT, and visit Os's page for more HNT participants this week... maybe now that I am getting more daring I may have to post something at the other HNT sometime in the near future.


  1. Wow! Great HNT! And let me second the - abs comment! Wowza!

  2. Yummy! Nice to see you back ;)

  3. hehe. I love it. :)

    mine were from my job too.

  4. delicious!

  5. You are so damn sexy
    sorry I've been away
    had to go private

    send me your email and I'll add you


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