A Child's Perspective

So our mean alcoholic neighbor who has threatened to call the police on my 9 year old for just being a kid and drives too fast through our neighborhood even when the kids are outside cut the corner too fast and nearly hit me.

I looked directly at her and called her a bitch as she tried to correct her turn so she would not clip my bumper. Our windows were basically right next to each other when I said that so I know she heard me, but that was my intention.

Then I heard, "Daddy," from my back seat. "That was not nice," my daughter said.

I replied, I know but that was the mean lady and she deserves it.

My daughter said, "No Daddy, she is just misunderstood."

I was surprised that she would even say that since she has been yelled at for playing in the street in front of her house, which just happens to be at the end of a cul de sac... riding her back, I mean where the hell is she supposed to ride her damn bike.

She said that our other neighbor told her she just does not know how to deal with kids because she never had kids herself and does not have much contact with them. To me that is not a good enough excuse so I told my daughter that she still should know that kids are going to be kids.

"Well, you should still be nice to her, maybe that is all that she needs." She said.

And maybe that is all that she needs, but I highly doubt it. My daughter will learn one day, at least she has a good attitude now though.

So I leave you with this.


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