Saturday Night

Been thinking about trying to finish my story from yesterday since the party we were invited to was canceled.

The hostess is sick, so the get together was postponed. It would have been a fun time, drinking and eating with friends.

Today actually turned into a pretty good day...

I woke up to go to 'Boot Camp' at my local Y, but they had tryouts for the little kids football and the field we normally use was taken. We ended up going on the playground which seemed strange at first and was strange but the instructors had us do some different things that turned out to be fun... Of course climbing the rope ladder and sliding down the pole did not really do much for my fitness but it was fun to watch. The female instructor did comment about pole dancing on it and tried to get her legs high enough on the pole, which gave us all a laugh.

Then I cleaned the car which was a mess after bringing our dog to the vet yesterday and he left half of his coat on the seats... Note to all the dog lovers out there, huskies dont like the south all that much.

All this happened before 9 am. Then I cooked breakfast for my daughter and wife and took my daughter to karate...

After karate I had to fix a computer at a clients house which was not expected, and come home to a plumbing problem that I bought the wrong part for... so back off to the store and home again to install the right part and it worked... my toilet still leaks but at least the valve will now shut off the water so I can fix it without having to shut off the main valve.

After that, I cooked lunch and got the bad news about the party, then settled down finally to try to read the latest book I have...

So despite all that I had to do (I feel like I accomplished a lot) I am very happy. I still have laundry to do and some minor kitchen cleanup, oh and dinner to cook... but those are normal Saturday routines.

Now maybe I can finish the rest of my story.


  1. Welcome to blogging.... I'm new to the whole thing as well but you will find that the fellow bloggers are great. Hope to read more soon.

  2. ::fingers tapping table::

    Yeah, the rest of the story would be awesome.

    lol, j/k, Welcome to bloggy land!

    And I envy you and your ability to excercise.....I just did the same thing, lost 42lbs. With about 15lbs more to go I blew out my shoulder rollerblading and had major reconstruction surgery about 4 weeks ago. I.Miss.Excercising. ugh. And I'm not afraid to say it. I was obsessed with the excercising. But hey, when your chubby and then get can't help it!

    See ya around Blue. ;)

  3. ::raising an eyebrow::

    See? Told you people were waiting.

    Hurry up already, and I like what Peedee called you. Blue works.

    So now you have a bloggie nickname and people bitching at you to finish a post.

    You're golden.


    um hum...I'm still green on gmail. Peedee and I are talking puppies. GROAN. I want TWO!!!

  4. Ouch peedee now my shoulder hurts. Hope that your holding up okay. That is why I stay away from rollerblading, ha!

    Boot camp was weird today MR, we were on a playground, and ended up doing some things we would not normally do but actually I am really sore from it so I guess it worked. Normally we run quite a bit but today was more legs and abs.


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