On the Subject of Grooming

I spent most of my day cleaning on Sunday, pretty typical, and seeing that I had not cut my hair in a few weeks I decided to clean myself up a bit too.

A few months ago I bought a grooming kit from Amazon because I was getting tired of paying 14 dollars for a haircut that I could pretty much do myself. I have been keeping my hair short since it is so hot here in the south during the summer.

So after cleaning the shower out, and believe me when I say that I felt like I was living in a bachelor pad the way the shower looked, I got to work on my hair. This time though I decide to groom some other parts too. I locked the door, stripped down and proceeding to give myself a haircut. Besides its better to do it naked because I hate getting hair caught in my clothes.

When I was finished with my head, I oiled up the blades and went to work on my pubic area. Now I am not that hairy but I do have a lot of dark hair on my chest and pubic region, so it definitely needed a little grooming. Previously I would trim with some scissors but this time I clipped it really short. Although I was tempted to shave it completely I was not sure how it would feel or look and with my wife not knowing what I was doing, I thought she may wonder why and think I was doing it for someone else.

Needless to say I like the look and feel. I do find it funny that I was catching up on some of my reading and find a post from Bella directing me to this post... at the Emancipation of Babe Lincoln which talks of Brazilian Wax... of course I dont think I will wax maybe in the future I will shave.

I guess what I am wondering, before I go any further, is what do the women prefer? I know most would rather at the very least that men trim, which I do on a fairly regular basis. But should I go the distance and shave completely?


  1. I've given my ex a male Brazilian, much to my pleasure. *evil grin* (I'm an esthetician so I did/do know what I'm doing.) My personal preference is clean shaft and balls but with some nicely trimmed hair above.

  2. I'm all for the art of man-scaping personally. I do it myeslf, and my wife I believe appreciates it.

    I'd ask what your wife thinks before jumping all the way in. I know my wife did not love the completely shaved look, but prefers it how nitebyrd said above - clean shaft and balls, well trimmed (but still some hair) right above. I guess that way you don't look like a 12 yr old...

  3. Hey there, Sugar! Beryl mentioned you when we were chatting about favorite bloggers, so I thought I'd stop by and say hello.

    I am 100% in agreement with nitebyrd. For a man that is. For a woman, I like it completely clean. Looks better. Tastes better. Glides better.

    Hope you are out enjoying a beautiful weekend.


  4. I'm here by way of Ivey Lane and was surprised to see a reference to my post! I say do whatever grooming is going to make you happy - manscape away! In our household, hubby prefers things a little more "wild," but I obviously wanted to go the route of smooth. It turns me on, so ultimately, even though it isn't his preference, it turns him on as well.

    All right, gotta go finish catching up on your blog! xoxo


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