Second bit of Fiction

“Don’t turn on the light,” she cried out as I walked into the room and put my hand on the switch.

My eyes slowly adjusted to the dark as I could see a flicker of a candle near the bed. I just got off of working a late night and wanted to change into something more comfortable, but she had other ideas for me.

“Where are the kids?” I asked.

“With a friend, yes, we are all alone,” she spoke softly now.

I caught a glimpse of her body in the glow of the candlelight but my eyes still could not adjust to the dark. I heard the creak of the bed as she moved to grab my hand and guide me to the edge of the bed.

Her hands were at my belt as they unhooked the buckle and opened my pants dropping them to the floor. I was already aroused although not fully erect. She pulled my cock free from my shorts and ran her lips along the head. I groaned and arched my back a little, my senses were so attuned in the darkness I could almost hear her smile.

Wrapping her mouth around my cock, she slid it fully into her and in one motion back out again. Teasingly she put her tongue along the base of my now fully erect cock and ran it up and around the head. She again swallowed it and I could feel it deep in her throat. She had never deep throated me before and it felt fantastic.

I could feel her mouth withdraw again and she pulled me closer until my knees were on the bed. I unbuttoned my shirt and pulled it off, throwing it on the floor.

“Lay down,” she spoke softly. I of course obliged not wanting this moment to end. She pulled my pants and shorts completely off as I could feel her body gently move up mine. I could feel her breath at my ear now and feel her hands on my arms. With one quick motion she slid the restraints over my right hand and pulled tightly. Before I could protest she was tightening down the left one as well.

Feeling the rope around my ankle now, I realized I was in for more than I expected. She tied both ankles to the bed leaving me naked and spread eagled. The candle flickered as if a door or window had opened and I realized she was gone.

Faintly I could hear voices outside the bedroom, but could not tell what was being said or even if it was from the television in the next room, then she entered again.

“What is going on?” I called out to her. Her only reply was a slow “Shhh.”

Then I felt the bed move slightly as the weight of her body settled on the edge one leg at a time. Her body was moving over mine but all I could make out were shadows and then I felt her weight on top of me. Feeling her hair on my face I could make out a faint smell of something I did not recognize. As her body slid down mine she bent in to kiss me. There was something about her lips that felt strange, as my mind started wandering I felt her pussy touch the head of my cock.

I tried to pull the restraints so that I did not have to prolong this agony but they were tighter than I expected.

Then I felt the tip enter her wet slit and we both let out a moan in unison.

She rocked her hips back on my pelvis pulling me deeper inside her as she began to fuck me. The pace quickened as did her breathing and I so ever wanted to touch her breasts.

I could barely make out her shape as she rocked rhythmically on my body. Our shadows danced on the walls from the flickering flame. Her hands were pushing down on my chest as she leveraged herself for deeper, harder penetration.

I arched up to meet her downward thrusts feeling her body tense with each connection. I closed my eyes and held my breath for a brief moment as my body climaxed in an intense orgasmic convulsion. She continued to thrust and let out a moan, her body collapsing on mine in sheer exhaustion.

We stayed that way for a few minutes, her on top of me breathing heavy, my semi-erect cock still inside her. I wanted to put my arms around her but the restraints were still in place. She slowly got up off of me and whispered in my ear, “thank you.”

My mind again wondering, wondering why she was thanking me. Then I could see a brief light from the hallway and she was gone again.

I closed my eyes and listened to the darkness until I finally felt a hand on my ankle loosening the restraints. She untied me and walked back out into the hallway.

I cleaned myself up put my pants back on and went out to tell her how much I loved her. When I entered the kitchen she was seated at the table with, to my surprise, her recently divorced sister who had a big smile on her face.

Feeling my face flush it took me less than a second to realize that my wife had used me to satisfy her sister’s desire, and I loved every minute of it.


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