Complexities of Life

Last night I saw a picture of a friend on Facebook that reminded me of simpler times.

The picture was of my friend tying a fly onto his fishing rod leaning against the back of a pickup truck. The river and mountains of Montana were in the background.

I thought about my life and what has occurred since I was standing there doing the same thing 10 years ago.

Of course much of the change was brought on by the birth of my daughter, and that does change quite a bit. 

There were times that we used to go up into the mountains and camp out over the weekend. Leaving most of the complexities of life back in our suburban house.

We would bring the dogs and the fly rod and sit and watch the fire, telling stories about other times that we had doing the same thing. Even after my daughter was born we would bring the travel play yard and she would sleep in the folding crib inside the tent.

The days would be spent walking around the woods or fishing the river or just hanging by the tents.

When we moved to the south things changed quite a bit. I do not regret my decision for moving there but I look back and realize that it was not me.

I made a home for myself there but not without a lot of sacrifices. 

All that has changed now that we live back in the mountains.

Life is still complex, but we can now unwind in the mountains. I am home again. I smile all the time now when I look up and see the peaks around me. 

At some point we will get back to enjoying their splendor from a campsite. We may have missed the opportunity this year, but this is now our home and will hopefully remain that way for a long time.


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