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A Long September

A few weeks ago I opened up an email from a friend of mine and it quite simply read,

"How ya been? September Sucked."

Of course I was intrigued by this email and wanted to make sure that she was alright, but I was also confronted with the fact that what she had said was completely true in my life too.

Had we both been subjected to so much crap that we deemed the entire month terrible. 

Lets see, on my end, my wife started a new job that basically pushed her paycheck back by six weeks. Which financially we were already strapped for cash since she quit her last job back in July and spent most of August looking for work.

Then the car trouble started. They were minor issues but when you have absolutely no spare cash they quickly become major.

It was around that time that my wife's grandfather had started to become ill, at 90 becoming ill is probably not going to end well and we all knew the inevitable.

What ended up happening was and is still a mystery to us all. Apparently while in the rehabilitation facility he decided to get out of bed, something he was not supposed to be doing. He ended up falling down and broke his neck.

Of course the strain on his body and spine was too much for him and he later died from his injuries.

While all this was happening the person that was supposed to be buying our house withdrew their offer because they did not like the inspection. We disclosed everything up front, but apparently they decided it was too much to worry about.

So I concur with my friends assessment of September. It most definitely sucked.

It seems that my friend's September was very much the same as mine. I finally did find out the reason for her email and it mirrored much of my own issues, minus the car stuff.

Well so far October has been a little better, and is looking up the later half.

And Halloween is one of my favorite holidays so I am really looking forward to that.

We shall see how it all turns out.


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