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She stepped into the shower letting the warm water cascade over her skin. Grabbing the sponge she lathered up her breasts and let out a sigh as the material touched her nipples.

Her fingers traced their way around the nipple as she thought back to the night before.

When she was traveling for business she always played a bit, those were the rules that her husband made for her. It was the reason their relationship was always so sexual. She would return and tell him every last detail as he slid inside her.

Spreading her legs a little she watched as the water made its way to her engorged sex, warming the folds of her vagina.

She used the sponge to soap up her pussy, cleaning the stickiness of last night's tryst.

Last night was amazing she thought.

Her mind wandered back to the unsuspecting guy at the bar. He was sitting at the end nursing a Jameson's, rotating the glass in a circle before taking a sip.

She walked through the door as all eyes turned towards her and the outfit she wore.

Noticing him at once she strolled over and sat a few stools away.

After ordering her drink, she glanced over and smiled. It was not long after that she was up in her room with the guy pressed against her and her back against the wall.

He was larger than her husband and she felt him thrust into her hard. He had his hands on her ass as she wrapped her legs around his waist.

"Don't come yet," she moaned.

He pulled her closer and carried her to the bed and dropped her hard still trying to keep his cock inside her. Instead she extended her arms and pushed him over onto his back.

She moved her head down and took his cock into her mouth. It was a marvelous cock she thought. Not quite long but wide with a large head. The perfect size to make her feel full. She licked the length of his shaft down to its base and back up again sucking the head into her mouth.

He grabbed her head and stroked her hair as she tried to put more of his length down her throat. It was too big to go very far so she concentrated on the head licking around it and stroking the shaft with her hand.

She could feel him tense up so she slowed down trying to extend the fucking session.

Climbing back up onto his chest she straddled his hips and lowered herself slowly onto his cock. Reaching back she grabbed his balls and squeezed gently as she started to rotate her hips.

He let out a loud moan and arched his back forcing his cock deeper. Placing her hands on his chest her pace quickened until she could see that he was about to come.

"Come for me baby," she said as she could feel the warmth of his ejaculate filling her inside.

He let out a groan and pushed his hips up to meet her thrusts again. She was grinding her clit against him now bringing herself to a perfect climax.

She fell off him letting him slide out of her and stepped off of the bed.

Turning back over her shoulder she told him to clean up get dressed and make sure he closes the door behind him as he leaves.

He watched her walk into the bathroom, her beautiful ass swaying as she entered the doorway. Smiling, but feeling a little bit used, he gathered his clothes from the floor, got dressed and let the room.

The water felt so good as her mind came back to the present. She brought herself to climax again, thinking about his thick cock inside her again.

This will be a good story for the fucking she would get by her husband later that night.


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