Fantasy or Reality

While traveling on the road I seem to wonder about fulfilling some of my sexual fantasies... however I never seem to go through with any of them.

What are my fantasies you might ask, well here are a few.

I want to be a submissive. Someone that the woman takes total control over and has her way with me... I want her to take me in the ass with a strap on. I want to be commanded to do things and abused.

She would force me to take my clothes off, and stand naked in front of her. Then she would tie my hands behind my back and push me down to her feet. I would lick her feet and up her legs and under her skirt where she would have no panties. She would force my head between her legs and make me lick her pussy. After that she would put on a strap on and make me suck her. I would not be allowed to fuck her. She would then force my head down to the ground and ass in the air. She would reach behind me with a lubed up finger and insert it into my ass. After I was good and lubed she would come behind me and fuck me hard. That is my ultimate fantasy.

I also have a fantasy of being in a mmf threesome. One where the woman is still in control. I am not sure if I would do anything bisexual but I sometimes wonder if I was sitting in front of a cock, would I actually suck it.

Maybe I would find a couple in the hotel bar that would invite me back to their room. They would both help me out of my clothes and the woman would get on her knees in front of me as she takes me into her mouth. The guy would finish undressing her and start playing with her tits and stroking his cock. She would take turns between my cock and her husbands. She would then lay back and spread her legs and allow me to enter her while she continued to suck her husbands cock. Then the couple would switch positions and he would take my cock in his mouth while the woman would straddle my face.

The fantasy for this sometimes changes at this point where I would then switch places and take his cock in my mouth, and she would suck me off. We would continue to do this until we all fall asleep together. That will probably always be just a fantasy for me.

Of course I dream of meeting some of my fellow sex bloggers in these hotels to compare stories and maybe act out some of my or their fantasies... this sometimes happen when I start ready some of my favorite bloggers and think of how sexy they must be in person. I have lots of crushes on fellow sex bloggers, some that turn me on much more than I ever imagined. I find myself fantasizing about a few of them and wonder if we would ever meet in real life.

I read some of the stories and think I would love it if that was me with them... and there are a few of my fantasies... maybe some day, maybe I can make a few reality.


  1. I would love to be in a mmf threesome .
    And baby you know me im all about control.
    Great post.


  2. We have done a lot of what you are mentioning, it is a lot of fun to pickup guys in a bar or lounge and proceed from there. It's the most natural swinging arrangement I feel. You never know, perhaps if you stay in a hotel in our area sometime you might be one of the ones I pick up :)

  3. Well doesn't that all sound just perfect? ;)

    *fans self*


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