I pause briefly, breathing in her scent.

There is nothing more intoxicating than the scent of a beautiful girl that has just walked by. With or without perfume there is something about the scent. In most cases I would rather her not to wear perfume and it just be the smell of her body that I breath in.

The senses are a wonderful thing. As I walk past her my senses fill my soul. First the sight as I see her coming, then the sound as I hear her walking then the smell as she just passes and I fill my nostrils with the air that she moves.

The only thing left is the touch, but that is what makes it even more appealing. I know that I can not touch these women so I try to heighten my other senses to appease my desire to touch.

The encounter is always so brief and the mystery of the woman adds to the desire. I never turn around to look she leaves as quickly as she enters but her scent remains for a second longer as I inhale deeply.

Her scent is intoxicating as I breath it in.


  1. I sooo agree. I have a strong sense of smell. ( sometimes good . Sometimes bad) I love the smell of men's clean body's or clean hair. Or clean cocks. Just sayin....


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