I had the feeling

I had the feeling that she wanted to talk. That she was wondering what our future held for our family.

My job has been talking about moving me out to Colorado since our contract ended a few months back. I have a few major projects to work on before they make a decision but for now I work from home.

The issue is that things are moving forward with my career yet there are a lot of decisions the company has to make before everything can happen. Things like cost of relocation, pay rate increase for cost of living, whether the move will be the right step for both the company and myself. So it is not a decision that will be taken lightly.

And of course my family is somewhat in limbo. We all want to make the move, we never did like the south all that much and its way too hot for my taste. I always preferred the snow anyway so it makes sense to move again.

That night though all I wanted to do was sleep. My allergies were acting up and I had taken a bunch of medicine. I tried to talk to her because I know she is concerned and since losing her Mom her family wants us to be closer to them.

Really, I don't know what to say. She does not understand that I have no new information and that I do not want to push the company to make the decision for me. I feel that if I do, it might not be to my best interest. They may not pay as much in relocation fees, I may not get the pay increase.

I assured her that things were going to happen and probably the way that we wanted them to, but I dont think that was enough. I had the feeling that she wanted to talk but I was not ready to answer any of her questions.


  1. I totally get the frustration on both sides
    try not to worry
    do what u can do


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