No, I am not going to start writing political statements on my sex friendly blog. I just wanted to post the above picture and ask you, is this really the best picture Fox News could find for a story promoting Romney.

To me he looks like the epitome of a slick politician... if I did not know who this guy was I would not trust a word he says... <-- do not read into this whether I trust him or not. This is just based on the above photo and the smug look on his face.

"I'm Jack Bader and I don't approve this message."


  1. Politics is like liver, I don't want to touch it. But ... He looks just about like the rest of them, you wouldn't want 'em anywhere near your sister or mother.

  2. After what he did to our fine state, and has the nerve to talk us down all over the country now? Never want to see his face again!


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