Another Thursday

And nothing to show for it.

I had every opportunity and I just failed, pretty much I forgot. Of course the day is not over yet but logistics will be a lot harder this evening, so I will have to just say that you may have to wait until next week.

I am of course referring to HNT if you are wondering what I am talking about.

I do have this to say.

While I was away on business I took a few pictures that ended up on my phone. What I sometimes forget about is that my phone automatically uploads the photos to the web. Usually that is not a problem because the site is secure and I am the only one that sees them. Normally I just go to the site and delete the pictures and all is good. However I must have missed one picture and when my dad was visiting I wanted to show him some of the shots that I took a few weeks before my trip. I went online to look and started scrolling through the pictures on my television which is connected to the web.

Needless to say, there was a picture of me half-nekkid at least it was a side shot. The picture was me in front of the mirror in my hotel room standing sideways. There was no nudity in the picture but it was still an awkward explanation of how that shot made it into the mix.

My explanation. I had a really bad sunburn, and that is true, and while I was looking at it in the mirror I had my phone in my hand and must have snapped a picture.

Not sure if it was believable but I quickly changed the conversation and it was forgotten.

Guess I will have to be much more careful next time.


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