The world has changed. I feel it in the water. I feel it in the earth. I smell it in the air. Much that once was is lost.

Introduction, The Fellowship of the Rings

Sorry I had to geek out for a minute.

Since I last wrote anything, I quit my job, started a new job, the company that was running my old place of employment shut down the office, (so I dodged that bullet), I came down with bronchitis, that turned into pneumonia, and did finally end up having sex.

So, the quote from above makes a little more sense.

The good thing, of course the sex part, was a result of my wife coming home from a pleasure party after having spent a good bit of money with some new toys.  Much to my surprise and joy.

When I have more time I will write about it.

The bad part, the pneumonia, has had me coughing and in pain for the past almost three months.

I feel pretty good otherwise so I guess that is why they call it walking pneumonia, but still I take a breath and cough, I breath deeply and it hurts.

The job is great.  I have an office with the view of a golf course, and a good staff that I manage.  All women by the way, but all many years older than myself.

It must be strange for them to have someone 20 years younger come in and become their boss, but apparently the guy I am replacing was a great person but a terrible boss.

Which is really unusual since this place is all about the employee and getting the proper training. But I guess there is some things that you just can't train someone to do. Attitude is everything and if you do not know how to be a good boss, it is difficult to learn.

One of the best benefits is that I work four ten hour days and have Fridays off. The only problem with that is during the week I do not have a lot of extra time to spend on my side projects such as this blog, and unfortunately you have seen that I have not written anything in at least a month.

I am hoping to change that as I always promise but we shall see if that happens. Maybe I can set it up that I post something every Friday. I do typically get a lot of alone time on those days so I can take a few pictures and post a story or two and we would be good to go.

I may have to start posting fiction since nothing exciting is happening in my bedroom aside from the night of the passion or pleasure party. The toys she bought are nice but nothing great, basically a small wand like device and a small device for me. I will post pictures maybe this Friday with it on me.

That is pretty much all.

Yours Truly,



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