Busy Busy

June 2nd, that was the last entry to my blog.  A sad reality and a testament to my sexual activity, or lack thereof. 

It is hard to post anything when nothing is really going on.  Not that I am complaining, my life has become busy but I am enjoying it.  We are back into the no sex routine and I am not too thrilled about that but she is working on things.

My job has been busy, but I like the new digs.  I don't mind the commute, it is just a bit longer and gives me time to reflect on the day.  I wish I had access to reasonable public transit but apparently it is coming.

We are trying to save some money and are slowly but surely getting there.  The problem is the market for homes, which is what I want to save money for, is absolutely crazy where I live.  Of course the rent is not much better so we are just spending more money and saving less, but we are still saving which is good.

My goal is simple, save a bit of money to boost my emergency fund and cut off all credit card spending.  I am on my way to doing that, but it has been slower than I would have liked.

Our sex life as I mentioned is pretty non-existent.  We have the toys that she bought a few months back but they are just gathering dust.  I have not even really been trying but when I do bring it up she pushes it off immediately.  She is seeing a therapist but just started again and the focus is on how she can feel better with herself at this point.

I think eventually the talk will turn to sex.  The therapist is also a marriage counselor, and while I have talked about seeing her sometimes seeing the same person that she sees for depression may not work to our advantage.  The good thing is my job has great insurance now so not only financially does this help but we have access to some of the best therapists in the state.

I have been motivated again to lose weight and have been doing so.  It is a long road at 43 but I still seem to be injury free.  My wife wants to lose weight as well and even her doctor said it is necessary but her motivation fades soon after the doctor visit.  I try to help but all I can do is offer support for her.

All in all, life is good, aside from the sex, but that will come in time hopefully.

I did get propositioned from a cross-dresser for a blow job on Fet Life, so there is that, if I decide that is something that I want.  Of course at this time I think I will pass, but you never know. Ha!


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