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Two Worlds Collide - Guest Post

Hey there! Naughty Kitty here writing a guest post for my blogging buddy Blue Bader. Not sure how many of you already read my blog but just in case I am going to shamelessly plug it. The link is Sadly I have not had much time to write but never give up hope. I’ll be back!

In the mean time I did want to take this opportunity to write a guest post for Bader for several reasons. So for those of you who don’t know me I’m a single gal…divorced who still maintains a somewhat secret life. One would think that a girl’s life would be bland once she leaves the life of Ashley Madison to maintain a single vanilla life but that couldn’t be farther from the truth.

Kitty still loves to play with my boys from Ashley Madison. The only difference is that Kitty doesn’t have to hide anymore. Life as single Naughty Kitty is WONDERFUL!!

Oh sure…occasionally Kitty finds myself in a predicament or two. I’ve run into a wife of a lover here and there. Thankfully Kitty is not one of those crazy kitties that approaches the wife.

You may say, “Kitty that must have been really uncomfortable for you!!” Actually it was quite organic especially in light of the fact that I fucked her husband just two days before and was still riding on the high of those orgasms.

I have to say that I was in a situation not too long ago that was somewhat uncomfortable…somewhat. You see, since Kitty is single and doesn’t have to hide sometimes I maintain relationships with my lovers in my vanilla life as well…Hammer specifically. In reality Hammer and I haven’t fucked in close to two years but back before that we had some amazing hot sex. More recently Hammer has been helping Kitty with some things around the house since he is so handy and Kitty is not. Most recently Hammer was helping Kitty repair some damage to my outdoor shed.

I have to say that going to Home Depot with Hammer was hot for Kitty. Hammer is the only person I’ve been to Home Depot with that knows exactly what he needs and where to find it. A man like that makes Kitty wet and Hammer knows this.

So Kitty and Hammer were in Home Depot one Saturday not too long ago when who do I see but another lover of mine Dodger!! Dodger is a more recent lover and Dodger and Kitty…well…we’ve had our ups and downs both inside and out of the bedroom. The funny thing about standing in Home Depot literally between two of my lovers is that neither knew who the other was but I think both wondered if I fucked the other. Only Kitty knows the truth there…lol and all of you of course!

Now the thing about Dodger is that he likes to tease Kitty and again we are friends on Facebook so he knows all about Kitty’s vanilla life. A few days before our meeting at Home Depot Dodger was teasing Kitty about my “exciting life”. Sometimes Kitty thinks Dodger is funny when he teases and sometimes I get the feeling he is making digs because he is so dissatisfied with his own situation.

Dodger and Kitty have known each other for 5 years and since the first day we met he has been making excuses about leaving his wife. Back then he used to say he would leave her when their kids were older. More recently he told me that they were going to separate when their house was going through a major construction and they’d have to move out. He said they’d move out separately and when the house was done put it on the market and get divorced.

Don’t get me wrong. Kitty doesn’t care one way or another if Dodger gets divorced or not. Kitty just doesn’t like to be lied to and really why bother?

So earlier in the week Dodger was teasing Kitty about my “exciting life” and Kitty found out that he and his wife moved TOGETHER into a nice house. Okay fine…no problem just don’t pee on my leg and tell me it’s raining!!!

So Hammer and Kitty run into Dodger at Home Depot. I introduce the two then Hammer continues to look for a sales associate to help us while Dodger tries to set up a play date with Kitty using code. WTF?!?! That ain’t cool!!!

Hammer and Kitty went about our business running into Dodger at the end of each isle until we were finally in the check-out line. Who should be directly behind us but Dodger!! So Kitty observes that Dodger is buying pad locks or something like that and he makes a comment to me about “my exciting life”. Well…unfortunately Kitty lost my cool a little bit. At that point I turned to him and said, “You know what? I LOVE my life! I answer to NO ONE! If I want to put white siding on my shed I don’t have to ask anybody’s permission!” With that both Hammer and the check-out guy said in unison, “That’s RIGHT!!”

So the end result is that this was one current event that Kitty has wanted to write about but since both Hammer and Dodger both read my blog from time to time I thought it best not to.
Stop by sometime. Kitty’s blog is funny sometimes and sometimes it can be sexy. But I promise you, it is ALWAYS honest.


  1. Wow! You can be sassy too! You handled that much better than I would have! So fun to hear about it! Thanks to you and Bader too!


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