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The Old Guard

The realization that I have not written anything of substance in the past year has been weighing on me recently.

I have been preoccupied to say the least but not without adventure.

A few months ago I started seeing a therapist. I was thinking I needed a life-coach but don't put much weight into that concept. I am not depressed or anxious. I just need focus and direction.

There have been a lot of things that I have been questioning over the past few years. I have also been so incredibly busy that I almost need to cut back on some of the things that I have volunteered for.

In an effort to regain focus or at least try to center my life again I decided to revisit the blog. Something that I have been wanting to do for the past few months, but have had limited success. Part of revisiting has led me to look at some of the people, influences, and friends that I have had over the last 10 years and have been thinking of trying to reconnect with them.

The old guard as I affectionately refer to them. The blogs that I read when I started. The blogs that kept me up at night when I was sleeping in the spare bedroom. There were some late night chat sessions that I have had that would make many people blush and I remember those times with happy thoughts.

Hopefully many of them have not strayed too far and are still around. While I may not ever revisit those late night chats I am hoping to reconnect to read about their lives. To hopefully be able to read about further adventures that they may have had and to add my thoughts and good times to their lives as well.

Maybe for kicks I will through in a half-nekkid thursday post just for old time sake.

It has been an amazing ride these past few years, and even when I told my therapist about the blog she understood my reasoning completely and was not surprised when I told her how the writing and the sharing of stories and feelings made me feel good about myself again.

Thank you to all my friends and fellow bloggers that were able to be a part of my life and will hopefully be once again.



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