On Getting Older

Sometimes I think my life is pretty boring. I see others having good times with friends, going out, enjoying happy hour and other social events and I wonder why I am not with them.
Right now my life consists of work, family and coaching. We really do not have the money nor the time to go to happy hour or go to parties or spend all that much time with friends. Sometimes I blame it on where we live. I have always been somewhat of a home body, most of my social events would occur at my friends houses or at ours. We would have dinner and then hang around and talk about life over some alcohol.
So I often wonder what happened. Of course I conclude as I am sure most others do when approaching their 40s that we have all just became older. It is not so much as we do not want to do it, it is more that we have all settled down and had children. Not only do we have little people that need lots of sleep, we seem to need more sleep as well.
Occassionally we have parties, oyster roasts, cook outs, company get togethers, but they all seem to end before eleven. The conversations all focus on children and sometimes on work. All this because we are older. Its not a bad thing, since I would not trade anything for less time with my family. It just is.
The days that I look at the younger, childless people and think that I wish I could go back to those days are the same days that I tuck in my little red head at night and think there is nothing else like it.
I remind myself that my life is not mine exclusively anymore that I must share my time with my family and most importantly my daughter. Sure I get time to myself as we all do. But the time that we have together is never my time anymore.

That being said, last week was spring break and I took some time off to spend with my daughter. We spent one day not worrying about money or work or school and played miniature golf, rode the go karts, and played video games and had a blast doing it. I dont mind getting older, as long as I can have days like that.


  1. I have the same observations... But not all activities need to cost something or be held in cool hip places. I prefer going to someone's house than go to a restaurant or a bar.

    There are times I wish I'd be living the fast and exciting life, but at the end of the day, as long as there's a good balance, I'm happy.

  2. Getting older isn't too bad, it's actually pretty damn great when you consider the alternative!

    The tricky part is not to become OLD. We can't stay stuck in youthful pursuits indefinitely but we shouldn't ever become mired in thoughts of, "I can't do this, I'm too old." Never give up childish wonder.

  3. Glad you had a good spring break.
    Hang in there babe.

    : ) thinking of you


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