While many of you see that I am not as active on the blog as I have been in the past, I will attempt to explain what is going on.
Of course part of the reason is that I am in the middle of my sports season, which I am a coach for a varsity sports program. The season lasts from January through the middle of May. I basically spend most of my time either at practice or games during this period.
But mainly the reason behind my absense is that I have found it difficult to post when I have the time to post. I work for the government. In a job that requires firewalls, restricted sites, restricted access to computer applications, therefore I have a very limited time that I can post. Before I was able to access the network from my computer and would post and comment. Now I am restricted on what I can view and comment on.
I have found a way to post while I am at work, but do not have a way to comment. My season is winding down too so I hope to have more time in the evenings to spend porusing the sites that I frequented prior to this change.
All I can say is bare with me, I have not disappeared and am starting to come back gradually. I have a bunch of stories that I have yet to post and will be getting back into the swing for the HNT pictures.
Hope you are all having a good Wednesday!


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