Painting Fingernails

Sunday night, I was watching television, my wife was doing payroll for a volunteer job she helps with, or should I say puts more time in then her regular job, and my daughter was painting her toenails.
I had already completed the choirs for the weekend and was relaxing before settling in for the night. My wife had been stressing about the payroll all day and was working pretty hard still as bedtime was approaching. So when my daughter asked if she could help paint her nails she told her she would have to wait.
Well patiences is not something done well in my household so after about ten minutes of waiting she asked again and the comment was made...
"Why dont you ask daddy to help you,"
I raised my eyebrow and glanced up from the book I was now reading and give a quick laugh, "Ha. Like you would really want me to to do that."
My beautiful daughter looked over at me with her bright blue eyes and said, "please daddy." To which I could not resist.
There I was a few minutes later with the brush in my hand painting her nails. Of course I started in on, "so are there any boys that you like in class?" I already knew the answer but isn't gossiping something that you have to do while painting someone's nails. I did manage to
She wanted red on three nails and green on the other two on her one hand then add poka dots with the opposite color.
When I was all done she proudly held up her hand and showed it to mommy and said, "look what a great job daddy did."


  1. Oh!, the things daddies do for their daughters!

    You're a good father. This is one of those memories you're going to hold on to and cherish, especially when she's a teenager. ;)

  2. LOL - With 2 boys their is no toe painting here. Wait until she asks you if she paint YOUR toenails. The answer is of course YES and then we would all need to see a picture!!

  3. They really do have a way of melting your heart and getting you to do anything. Its the little moments that will embed themselves in our memories. Enjoy every moment.

  4. I have two boys and am a little disappointed I won't get to do the girly stuff. However, I am my wife's official toe nail painter if that counts.

  5. That is awesome. Little girls really do need their daddies. In a big way.

  6. awe, loved this post. Like all of your posts though. Keep it up!!


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