Mother's Day

It has been two years since my Mom's death, and I still miss her. She was the one that I would call when I needed advice. She was the one that I called when I just wanted to talk. She made sure she called me at least once a week.
She would remind me when the clocks were changing for daylight savings even if I already knew that they were. It was just a fun reason for her to call. She never forgot anyones birthdays or anniversaries or any other celebrations. She cared more for her children then she did for herself at times. Her kids meant everything to her.
Even when my parents were struggling financially she still stayed home with us because she knew that a strong foundation for her kids was more important then affording a new car or new furniture. When my parents had more money she spent it on clothes and food for us rather then buying things for her. She made sure that we were dressed in the best clothes that she could buy and even when my daughter was born she would buy her the best that she could afford so that she always looked good.
She took a job at a children's store at 60 just so she could work with kids again and buy things for her grandkids.
She was always so proud of her kids. She would sing songs with all the grandkids every holiday.
At Thanksgiving she would walk around the house singing "I am a fine turkey, and I sing a fine song..." Other times she would sing the teapot song, or the itsy bitsy spider. She was still a kid at heart.
She was the perfect mom. When my friends would come to visit she would make sure we had enough food for everyone, even when I had 10 of my friends crashing at my house before we all left for spring break. All my friends loved her too. She was a great cook.
She might have been a little anal with cleaning the house, but I never had to worry about dust or dirt when walking around the house in bare feet.
We all loved her dearly and we all miss her immensely.
Even when she was dying she still had a sense of humor about it.
She died in her sleep on February 23, 2009. The cancer finally took her body from us, but she was always be remembered.
Mom, I love you.

Happy Mother's Day.


  1. I think not only that you're a good father but that you are a wonderful son. Your mother sounds like a very special woman. She'll always be alive in your heart, it shows in what you've written.

  2. That was such a nice tribute. My mother was a great mother too. Now she is a nightmare. I am glad you have such sweet memories. I hope someday I will too. I hope you are well Blue Bader.


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