San Francisco Bike Messenger

This is my running outfit, and my wife thinks that I look like one of those San Francisco bike messengers... She told me this the first day that I wore the shirt in the picture above. So I asked her you mean the gay ones?

Because most of those guys look pretty good, so I took it as a compliment. If you know my wife, you would probably understand that this was definitely not a compliment... but oh well, you take what you can get sometimes.

What do you all think?


  1. Um....looks damn good to me....just sayin ;)


  2. Listen here Blu, you can ride my bike

    Looks real good from where I sit.


  3. LOVE you new page look. It is awesome.

    As for the outfit, hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    I just dont know if RED is your color.
    ha ha Just messin.
    Really don't you have some deliveries to make, AT MY HOUSE?
    Just sayin...................

  4. Looks good to me...

    I am vistiting from Soccermoms blog...I am supposed to tell you you are freakin awesome!

  5. Okay I am here because Soccermom told me to come here and I ALWAYS do what Soccermom tells me to do because quite frankly i am afraid she will kick my ass!

    Fun blog. Great suggestion soccermom.

    Oh, yeah i's a tough color to pull off.

  6. I saw the picture and before I could even read the words, I had already agreed with your wife.

  7. You already know my opinion of your wife's opinion. grrrr.

  8. Thanks everyone for the comments.. and thanks to Soccermom for sending everyone over...

    @Green-Eyed Brat: Okay!
    @michilocke: I wanted to buy black but wearing black in the summer in the south would have been deadly.
    @middle child: yes even though I laughed at her comment, I still get self conscious about it and have only been wearing it when I know I wont see anyone... ha!

  9. You look just fine to me. Just damn fine.


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